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Thread: Gearing for ToTGC 10.

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    Gearing for ToTGC 10.

    I'm looking to do the heroic version of this instance with my death knight Scronix as tank.

    So generally i'm looking for gear advice on gems and enchants.
    As for gear i weekly run the regular 10 man totc and pick up a 25 man pug, it being an alt now and then and thus getting a weapon upgrade is difficult seeing you're rolling against a lot of other classes. Currently trying for Reckoning (2h that drops of Valkyrs) and Onyxia's 25 man polearm with expertise

    I assume i'll need a minimum of 45K health to even bother doing heroic?

    Another question i have actually 2 is does veteran of the third war expertise show up in the tooltip, it appears not so far i've checked.

    second, how important is being hit capped as a deathknight i could squeeze out more and get more gear upgrades if i didn't try to stick so close to the 8% hit. (currently using hit rating food to stay close to the cap 7,50% ish)

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you're gearing for ToGC EH is definitely the way to go, you never really die from a steady pace of hits when you do die you get burst down in Unavoidable or Physical Spike damage where only EH will prevent your deaths.

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    Yes, the expertise from talents is added in to your character screen (if you take off all of your armor you can see that you have expertise added from talents). I'm not sure however, if racial expertise is added in or if it is, "hidden," like hit talents are.

    Also, the 75 triumph emblem helm would be a nice upgrade for you as would Ironsoul (I believe) which drops from 10 man Flame Levi.

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    First of all thanks for the replies

    My fear would be dropping of extra avoidance wouldn't that result in less dodge/parries and thus less rune strikes, making the first seconds of the fight even harder threat wise?

    Good to hear the talent one is hidden, which means i'm easly on the expertise cap, the racial one (mace/swords) is shown on the character screen that i know

    My issue would be with getting that helm wouldn't i drop hit rating too far,would bring me somewhere in the 6% or am i making hit rating more important then it really is? I do know it is a pretty high threat stat untill capped.

    I have an ironsoul laying around i tend to use it when i need a bit more initial threat but always believed marrowstrike to be beter as it has agility for dodge and more stamina (when gemmed), although the difference is a small 55hp.

    Also my apologies forgot that armory doesn't show the complete stats. (using frost presence and horn of winter,not using food buffs or stoneblood) Also using Girdle of the Nether Champion with a 30 stamina gem, dropping my hit rating even further.

    Armor 25723
    defense 550
    dodge 28.16%
    parry 19.84%
    Health 36071
    hit rating 198 (6.04%)
    expertise 28

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    For the first question of your reply, don't worry about losing avoidance cause the gear in ToC has that covered, and EH is more important in ToGC since it has more un avoidable dmg.

    For the second one, ya that can get you some problems.. but if you dont see a lot of taunt misses or tps drop significantly, then go for it.

    And finally ya marrowstrike is better, even tho there are a lot more better than those in ony or ToC25/10

    BTW dk t9 gear has little hit and expertise, i just realised that i really see more interesting the regular tank gear in toc (chest, pants, etc...) cause it gives a lot of +hit and exp and it isn't much diferent from tier loot.

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