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As Lucy, Johansson hopscotches amid vulnerability and a automatic charge to assassinate whatever her sophisticated, centralized abstracts processor tells her to do. Her achievement is just ashore abundant to accumulate Besson's occasionally inventive, sometimes asinine beheld flourishes” including an overreliance on accidental footage acutely pulled from attributes documentaries” from axis the cine into self-parody.

Besson acutely understands that the film's axial allegory endures because humans are absorbed by the anticipation of activating our accomplished heads. He runs with that abstraction full-tilt and at top speed, even if it agency axis Lucy into a walking X-ray machine/broadcast network/telekinetic demigod. It's accessible to be swept abroad by the fun in all that, but alone if you're able of silencing the letters bubbles through your own gray amount and blank the assured questions. Like this one: If Johansson's Lucy has such command of her brainy commonsense that she is, essentially, the a lot of aware getting on the planet, shouldn't she be able to amount out how to get what she wants afterwards causing so abundant abolition and accident of life?

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