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Thread: Holy Pally in need of advice

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    Holy Pally in need of advice

    Ok, so I am a fairly new pally healer, starting about 2 months ago. Now, I consider myself to be fairly good and getting better, but something is annoying me. No matter what raid we do, I am always the bottom or maybe 3rd or 4th in 25 mans. I am looking for advice on my gear, and possibly some strategies on raid healing. Thanks in advance

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    Depending on your assignment and the fight, healing meter will show a wide range of performance. I wouldn't put too much stock in healing meters unless there is a measurable difference between total healing between you and another paladin.

    Epic gems and leg enchants are one thing that could give you a bit more oomph. Unless the socket bonus is amazing or you need a blue or red gem to activate your meta, gemming int is usually favored if you can watch divine plea, keep replenisment and get mana tide down at least regularly. For every point of int, you will get more mp5 than mp5 (for itemization .5 mp5 = 1 int) given the following conditions:
    18 * .25 / 12 = .375 mp5 (Divine Plea on CD)
    18 * .01 = .180 mp5 (Replenisment)

    Mana tide and other such regen mechanics make int even more favorable, with the added benefit of the spellpower scaling. Also, when it comes to the boots and pants, why are you using stamina gems? If you find aoe damage to be a common issue, I would recomment Tuskar's Vitality for your boots, just to cut down on the time spent moving given our dependence on standing still to cast.

    Another thing to consider is the libram. If you have a log of your fights, look at how much of holy light is overhealing and compare it to the value of switching to Libram of Renewal - Item - World of Warcraft for the endurance, 8-9% more Holy Lights without regen, more when we consider illumination is based on base mana.

    How you typically heal will also play a role in what will work best for you, if you could provide some more information on how you typically heal or what your healing compositions look like, that would be great.

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