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Thread: Evaluating new healers, how do you do it?

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    As a GM and Holy Priest I've helped a lot of healers over the past year and a half. I don't know everything but I'm always trying to learn and improve myself all the time. I think this is on of the most important qualities in any new guild member. I would much rather spend a little time helping someone that wants to learn and get better then someone that knows it all. It doesn't matter how long you've been playing you can always learn something that makes you better.

    This is just the start of the issues with your new priest. Whats going to happen when the raid leader or healing team leader asks her to do something different (don't stand there/move here sooner/pop your Guardain Spirit at this time/use you hymn of hope 2nd) I think a willingness to do what is being asked of you and team work is one of the biggest things to look for. If I was joining a new guild I would do my best to do whats asked of me and trying to fit in and work as a team with the rest of the raid. If she's not willing to adapt and get better to improve the performance of your raid your waisting your time. IMHO

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    We all have something to learn still even if we've been playing forever. Not being willing to recognise that, especially in the context of a new guild, can only equal epic fails. Your priest needs to shape up or ship out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc309 View Post
    fail ...

    i just ran a H-AN with a lock that life tapped down to 20% two times, on the same boss. third time i let them die.
    a healer is not a mana pool for a lock.
    healer needs to keep tank alive, keep themselves alive, then worry about dps.
    if the healer is bored heal pets.

    to expect a healer to top off a 'lock life tapping is like waiting for a resser to run back after a wipe. almost as bad as not eating, expecting the heals to top you off then drink ....EPIC FAIL
    I have to second that. While I have the mana I may not have the GCD. DPS losing excessive HP when they shouldn't make it to the top of my triage list.

    This weekend I pugged Ony25. During the trash clears a ret pala died not once but twice. He was two-shot within a second. Same guy managed to run directly behind Ony during the pull and died from that. He got a BR and somehow managed to get in front of Ony. Took some damage and instead of immediately moving away he paused to heal himself up. that was during phase one. Now guess how much time I wasted healing him up in phase 2?

    Now guess how much time I will waste on a Lock that LTs himself next to extinction. It's ok to LT. If you find yourself swimming in HoTs then LT a bit more. But never, ever get yourself below 75% HP during a bossfight. Ever! An LT here or there will be easily picked up by a circle of healing or whatever. But you are not entitled to special healer attention. Plan ahead for your mana like all casters do.

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    To the op: I suggest you go digging a little deeper as to why she's healing the way she is.

    You said she was Naxx geared and she's doing hardmodes. Probably her haste rating is way lower than anybody else meaning some other gets the heals off before she can react (happens to me a lot on my alt priest). As a trial healer on a hardmode, that sort of gets her way down to the bottom on the meters and she might get the jitters and switch to tankhealing that she knows will carry her up on the meters.

    Approaching from a encounter-specific requirements and the level of performance needed (ie, nobody expects her to top off the meters with raidhealing if the interrupters are any good) might get her relaxed and more into her role. How do you really coordinate between your healers? I always speak the details with my offtanks before an encounter, especially when that person is completely new to me. However when i log in my priest alt to do some healing in guild or in pugs, i always ask around the other healers what/how they are going to heal, try to organize and 99% of the time i'm met with a wall of silence.

    Maybe, with complete lack of any guidance ("raidheal" might not be good enough if your other healer is flash sniping) she's just doing what she knows best.

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