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Thread: I think I suck at DPS

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    Ulduar 10 man geared fury warrior, DPS still low (I think)

    Hi there,

    Allright, I have been a prot warrior for a long time, respeced to fury a few weeks ago.

    My guild is rather casual, we only do 10 man normal stuff, we finished ulduar and EDC10 obviously.

    I am having hard time with DPS, I check the tutorial videos from tankspot and a few other websites, but I can't really figure out what I am doing wrong.

    Here is my character : The World of Warcraft Armory

    As you can see, I am mainly ulduar 10 non Hardmode geared, appart from the conquest tokens chestplates and my EDC10 gloves. Trinkets and rings are far from being "BIS"...

    According to you, how much DPS should I be able to pull of in ten man raid ?

    I know I am badly expertise undercapped, but I didn't get lucky with drops as far as expertise goes.

    Any advice would be much appreciated !
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    too much hit; you only need 8%, anything that goes over than that is such a waste. You should try to look for gears that increase armor pen from now on.

    +Pure crit gems is fail, you should never put those into your gears. Try to match the yellow with +10str +10 crit instead

    Fury has the +20% Str talent, you should try to put every possible +Strength into the sockets. Most important thing is to get expertise capped (26) so your target wont dodge ur yellow attacks any more.

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    Zephurus > thanks for help, I do know about expertise, but was unlucky. as a human warrior Swords or maces are better choises, but could only get axes so far.

    10str 10crit ? I will do that then. I was rather low on crit.

    As for hit... well comes from gear, couldn't really help it.

    Anyway, how mu dps do you think I should do at my gear level ? My main concern is not upgrades, cause I know my expertise is very bad and my hit is too high (but helps me with rage generation and management as "noob fury").

    Will look into gems though, it's long overdue I change those

    thanks for your time and help !

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    Forgot to ask : worst case scenario : should I gem expertise to make up for my gear ?

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    Gearing is probably one aspect.
    - Your gemming strategy needs some thought, as Zephurus as pointed out. Since you don't have one of "the armour pen trinkets", I think your basic rule of thumb is to socket strength (or expertise) unless you the socket bonus is good, while trying to get the non-red gems required for your meta to go in sockets with good bonuses. Yellow socket with good bonus - str+crit. Blue socket with good bonus, nightmare tear or str+stam. Example: you currently have a nightmare tear in your pants but you aren't getting the socket bonus in that piece anyway so that should be another strength gem.
    - Your gear will improve with drops and from triumph badge income over time. Your expertise problems could be made a lot easier with the t9 pants, then a second piece for the rather nice 2pc bonus.

    Technique (and UI) are other likely sources of the problem.
    - Check out the UI forum here for plenty of good material on how to tune an efficient UI / keybinds / etc. For example, it could be that you aren't clearly seeing your bloodsurge procs.
    - You should probably look into getting World of Logs reports for your raids. It's free and provides you and your group with very detailed breakdowns of raid performance. A great tool for helping you to improve. If you can't see what's going wrong yourself, you could post a link to a WOL report here and someone might be able to see what's going wrong with your rotations.

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    if you are having shitty luck on gears, try to farm more badges to buy them. I would suggest you farm Conquest for helm and neck; triump for shoulder (or at least farm Htoc5 for the Silversmith one); run ony every week with your guild and /beg them for the edgeblade, replace it with that stormedge; buy a darkmoon trinket to replace the battlemaster one; use hero badge for a ring to replace the ghoul thing.

    Basically, when you have bad luck on gears dropped, you must determine what you need, and once something dropped, even if they are lower level, get them. The gears for fury is pretty simple: Crit-ArmorPen-Str; every item that has those 3 is a must-roll.

    With a right rotation and well rage management u can do around 2k8 on the current gears I guess. Your dps is low, so pop CD at beginning of the fight will help to increase your DPS.

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    And if you aren't dead set on being fury switching over to arms will increase your dps since it has less gear required to do decent amounts of damage.

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    One option would be another Edge of Ruin for your offhand, it would decrease your hit a bit and give you some more crit.
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    Allright, here are some logs, didn't have the gloves and chestplate on first one.

    Although I ain't too sure ulduar bosses are very relevant to make good "rotation" decisions...

    World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis
    World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis

    swelt > I really need to look at those gems ^^
    as for bloodsurge, I don't miss them cause tell me when pops up a nice (and huge) icon when needed.

    I might need a "rage" counter to look more carefuly at my rage. Rage starvation and overuse of heroic strike is one of my bad habits from when I was a tanking warrior.

    About bloodsurge : do I need to hit slam asap ? some people say so, but doesn't make sense to me (and according to tankspot guide) cause my bloodthirst and whirlwind do more damage. So provided bloodsurge procs from WW, should I hit bloodthirst first then use my proc ? But in that case I might loose a proc, since bloodsurge can proc from BT...

    Zephurus > I should do that most certainly, my gear "knowledge" is ok as far as I can tell. It's fairly easy to search for items using wowhead. My main concern was "me and the way I play".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shortypop View Post
    One option would be another Edge of Ruin for your offhand, it would decrease your hit a bit and give you some more crit.
    How simple yet so smart ! I am still not used to those non "unique equiped" weapons

    Will do that for sure, unless I get my hands on shiny new EDC10 2H

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    When looking at your Kologarn logs it seems that you are using Bloodthirst way to little. The encounter was 3:39 long so 219seconds. During this time you should have been able to do a maximum of 54,75 BTs but you only did 32 so you are missing out a lot of damage on that.

    Your number of slams seem low to.

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    Strangely enough, I think that while my DPS was "ok" on that log, I didn't play so well (first raid after holidays), my explain a few mistakes.

    Tried to correct them yesterday, but our raid wasn't as good either. Still I think my execution and rotation improved yesterday compared to the first log.

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    So putting "overuse of heroic strike is one of my bad habits" and "you are using Bloodthirst way to little" together, we see a potential problem. Getting your rage more central in your UI might be the answer - Satrina's Digits it very useful for this. I use it in combination with a PowerAuras aura that pops up with a little highlight when rage goes over 50.

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    I did put further away in my bars HS, so that I didn't use it nearly as much yesterday, I think it helped ^^

    4 years of HS spam... that's almost instinctive to press that button

    Thanks for your help. Will go regem and maybe change my template a little bit. I will see what happens when next raid comes, and will post the results

    PS : since I am badly undercapped with expersise, should I go all out with two JC expertise gems ? That would cost me alota strengh, but will make me reach the cap.

    Or I can trade one of my ring for a tanking ring I have, plenty of expertise on it (and some strength

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