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Thread: DPS spreadsheet and SEP

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    DPS spreadsheet and SEP

    I downloaded, and have been playing with, Landsoul's dps spreadsheet. I noticed that after a certain point, the SEP for crit exceeded strength. This sounds like it means that once my dps reaches that point, I'm better off gemming for crit. However, I never hear that suggestion; the debate seems to be between strength and ArP, at least if you have enough ArP. Since I don't have enough ArP from gear yet for it to be worth stacking to the exclusion of strength, should I actually actively seek crit once I reach a point where it's more valuable than strength, or am I still better with strength? I am currently axe specced, if that makes a difference.

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    I dont see how crit SEP can pass strength, unless your crit is really really really low?
    Because as you get more and more crit, the SEP for crit goes down, so maybe if you had 1% crit instead of the average 30% crit, perhaps crit SEP would be higher than strength...even then i doubt it? (dont have excel available now so can't check...)
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    I haven't been able to look at landsoul's latest sheets and it's possible he made some changes to his pre-determined SEP values, but I'm with Talho, STR and ArP just seem in general higher scaling stats than crit almost always. Maybe it's true though that after you reach a certain AP threshold, increasing the likelihood of 2.2x damage surpasses the increase of the baseline damage.

    The way I think of it is:

    You have a linear curve/line "/" for str, it's where we base all of our damage on and is pretty consistent, and we never before have reached high enough STR levels that crit/ArP passed it.

    you have a curved lined like U for ArP and under normal circumstances it'd be pretty hard to get ArP to a level where it was scaling past Str's linear growth except at the very top of the curve, but due to trinkets and now excessive amounts of ArP gear, we can reach the 90-100% arp marks where ArP value actually surpasses STR.

    Could it be that Crit is likewise another curved U plot that just grew slower than STR/ArP but at our current gear levels we can in fact pass it like we did with ArP? probably.

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