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Thread: Druid tanks state as of 3.2 and 3.3(broad explanation)

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    Druid tanks state as of 3.2 and 3.3(broad explanation)

    Druid tanks continue to be the tanks with highest hp and armor in Wotlk but in this expansion things look slight different.Bears are the rarest tanks out there for no particular reason and their performance is mostly underrated.
    Many people havent heard of the rawr program and dont have as big raiding experience as others and their posts form the basic rules of the community.There is a tendency that these days bears are not usefull and are inferior to other tanks BUT most of the end game content raiders who are familiar with all the tanking classes know that since ulduar came bears are the top tanks at the moment and this is just obvious.

    By using the lastest togc 25 gear available a bear tank has 10k!!!(yes 10k and difference gets bigger with buffs) more hp than equally geared warrior pala or dk.A bear tank has approximately 3k armor than all other tank classes with equal gear armor rings and neck.Bears' avoidance is slightly less than the other tanks but their cooldowns can easily compensate.Many people have done damage taken tests for a long fight and bears come on top with least damage taken closely followed by paladins,dks and warriors being last.
    The aim of this post is to remin some people that the best tanks out there atm are not the plate wearers but the ones who seem to be hidden and ignored from the community-the druids.Probably many of you will try to criticise this post and i will be very happy to see well-structured interpretations

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    My class > your class threads never end well. Especially when you just throw out numbers without citing reference points and then ask for us to have well structured criticism in our replies.

    There is a fine reason bear tanks are more rare than the other three tanking classes: No other class can take their tanking gear and turn it into end game DPS gear by swapping gems and enchants. Many bears have gone the way of the cat. Do we all think we suck as tanks? Nope. We just get things done to see the raid clear content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by powerbear123 View Post
    Many people havent heard of the rawr program and dont have as big raiding experience as others and their posts form the basic rules of the community.
    Also I find this line extremely offensive. While I and many others here have completed all content, completing content is not required to be an influential theorycrafter. Yes there is a difference between theory and application, big deal, there are enough of us in end game content to test what other people come up with.

    Also rwar is a very poor guide to gearing. I have seen it take resto gear as best in slot tanking at times because of an extra socket. Take its results with a grain of salt.

    Finally, DKs in full 258 gear vs me in full 258 gear, the difference is only about 2-3K fully raid buffed, and I know warriors and paladins do not have the same HP. Lumping all 3 plate wearers together without accounting for difference of gear level greatly skews your imput. I will agree that I have about 10K more hp fully raid buffed than my guilds warrior, but unbufffed not even close.

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