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Thread: Getting started in pvp

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    Getting started in pvp

    I am starting to get into PvP, but do not have much gear. I already have a lot of PvE gear up to Naxx and ToC5, but going in did not have any PvP gear. Because I primarily tank, my pve dps gear still had blue gloves, belt, bracers, and shoulders, which I filled with the Savage Saronite pieces to get some starter resilience, except the gloves which are Deadly. I'm unsure what order to purchase my upgrades in, though. If I upgrade the blues to PvP purples, I'll still have a low resilience, but higher dps. If I upgrade my epic pvp gear, then I'll have more pvp gear overall, but I'll still be stuck in a bunch of blues, so I'll have higher resilience, but lower dps. Finally, where does my trinket fit in? Is it absolutely critical that I pick it up first, or can it wait till I have more armor?
    Thanks for any help

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    Do WG for the pvp trinket with stats.

    Do dummy 5v5 10 games which grants 380 arena points a week, even though you go 0-10 and have 0 rating. Join a 1k rated team off someone, you get 1k PR automatically granting you the ability to buy 3 or so furious main pieces, they cost 500-900 points each.

    Do bgs and run pug toc, ony and vault 25/10s and gather up gear, you'll get stomped for a month or 2 until you start having workable gear.

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