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Thread: Advice on Gear

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    Advice on Gear

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I was wondering if you all could suggest anything I can do to improve my gear because right now I feel like I'm lacking in avoidance, And I know I need to buy the Hodir Shoulder enchant but I always forget to do the dailies.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    Your avoidance is fine imo. You need to enchant your weapon, for pallies mongoose is pretty good apparently because with Vindication in 3.2 you have a lot more attacks and the uptime of mongoose for pallies is really high, so you get the crit, armor, and avoidance from that. I'd say 225 armor to cloak, and don't bother with SoH enchant, go grab the 30stam/15 resil PvP enchant. I'd also suggest 275 HPS to chest, other than that epic stam gems and you're savvy.

    Idk anything about spec, etc. though.

    Edit: oh 1 more thing, put 30 stam into the belt, then put a stam/agi gem in the red socket in your legs.
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