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Thread: Thoughs on Loot Council

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bashal View Post
    It sounded more to me like a step past loot council. A lot of the things he would be tracking, such as attendance, average gear score, and guild bank contribution, are things I have seen before as factors in a loot council's decision-making process.
    Exactly Bashal!

    Basically trying to take as much out of the human decision making process as I can or maybe even trying to enhance the human decision making with better knowledge.

    Anyhow the mod is going nicely and I am having a blast learning some new things. For those of you interested in tracking my progress and offering input/bug testing you can download the mod from curse here. GambitRaidSystem - WoW AddOns - CurseForge.com

    I will take it out of the experimental stage once I get some more of the UI done.

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    One other poster mentioned this but there is an addon allowing the best of both worlds to take the human element out of the equation while meeting the strength of strategic placement of loot by a loot council.

    EPGP, being similar to dkp but far superior by have two ways of measuring item eligibility. With an addon as EPGPLOOTMASTER, where raid members can turn on incoming monitoring and allow everyone or a few to see who are interested in an item. The addon also compares to what is currently equiped to see who needs the item the most allowing a loot council type of distribution. In case of ties you have the EPGP system to determine who has the better raid attendance/effort, etc. while seeing who and how often someone has received loot.

    My guild has used this system for almost 2 years now and it has not only worked well but is completely irreplaceable. The reason is that it tracks Effort(raid attendance,etc.),EP and recent items received, GP scaled by an addon. Essentially, informing the lootmaster or Council who has put in the most effort and how much gear they have received recently. As mentioned by utilizing EPGPLOOTMASTER addon the council can make an informed decision to who is best served by receiving a specific item.

    Our experience has been that with a tight knit guild as we are, the decision of loot distribution is not solely the responsibility of the raid leader but also the responsibility of the most eligible to determine who should be awarded the item. Example, Highest PR person(as determined by EPGP) looks at the items that other candidates have and defer to pass it to the person who needs it the most, benefiting the raid/guild as a whole.

    It is often the case that the Council or LM is unqualified to determine which person would benefit most from the dropped item.

    As mentioned also, the only failure is the systems inability work with pugs but a preliminary free roll can give the pug an equal opportunity.

    With the development of such addons, both elements can co-exist and systems solely placing the responsibility of loot distribution in the hands of a loot council or dkp-types systems are things of the past.

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    Loot council can weed out the lootwhores.
    “We all have great inner power. The power is self-faith. There's really an attitude to winning. You have to see yourself winning before you win. And you have to be hungry. You have to want to conquer.” ~Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamasan View Post
    Loot council can weed out the lootwhores.
    I've seen loot council and loot council-ish system run "for the good of the guild," but in some cases, it becomes gear up friends and officers first. "Oh, you don't like our system? Well, then we don't need you, you loot whore! We only want people who put their guildies first!" But it's always the same guild members who are benefiting.

    If your loot council is completely objective (which I think is impossible) then great and good for you.

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    we run loot council, but guided by EPGP ... and it's worked well for several years.

    we will hand out upgrades over epgp, but when it becomes fuzzy we defer to it ... while it can be subjective at times, there is very little QQ

    the biggest thing i've seen for loot council fail is that just because you are an officer does not qualify you to distribute loot.

    put people on the council that have a clue why an upgrade is good for a 'x' class...or why even though it's good for them, why it's better for 'y' class. just because it's a higher ilvl doesn't mean that the loot whores in your guild should be rolling on it (i.e. shamans rollin in spirit gear cause it has more haste)

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