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Thread: Charge/Intercept Macro Help

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    Charge/Intercept Macro Help

    Hey all, is there a way to get a macro to cast Charge, and if Charge is on cooldown, use Intercept. I obviously am using Warbringer.

    I tried a /castsequence Charge, Intercept but it will always cast Intercept if I have the rage, even if Charge is on cooldown. I want it to always cast Charge first if it is off cooldown.

    Any help appreciated!

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    Change the macro to /castsequence reset=15 Charge, Intercept
    That way you will charge on the first press, Intercept on the second. If you do not press a second time within 15 seconds it will reset back to charge.

    You can also introduce intervene to the macro by using:
    /castsequence [harm] reset=15 Charge, Intercept; [help] Intervene

    You just need to be careful that you do not spam the button in case you use both charge and intervene together.

    -- Macro is from tankingtips.com

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    Yeh, I had a Charge/Intervene macro but was having problems with the spamming part, but the Charge/Intercept should do wonders. Thanks mate.

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