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Thread: Prot Gear Next Level

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    Prot Gear Next Level


    I can't link armory but the Name is Bloodtop on Mannoroth.

    2 Questions what libram is worh getting I have obstruction and when I look at the higher ones block seems to be the tanking Libram but I thought block was not worth taking for Paladins. What would you recommend.

    Also, as I look at badge gear until I get a lot of 10 man badges am I maxed out and now need to go to Uldar and just 10 mans to get the next level of gear?

    I don't typically have the time for long raids so have enjoyed Heroics and the occasional 1st 2 quarters of Naxx I never seem to be able to get in a group that goes past the 1st 2 quarters.

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    Don't forget that both Libram of Obstruction and of Sacred Shield are Block Value rather than Block Rating. Block Rating is typically ignored by Paladins simply because, with Holy Shield, reaching "unhittable" (102.4% combined 5% Natural Miss, Miss from Defense, Dodge, Parry and Block) is easy without having to gem or enchant roward it. Block Value, on the other hand, means that when you do block, you're taking off a greater amount of damage. In addition, Block Value (up to ~2900) affects the damage/threat output of your Shield of Righteousness ability.

    The reason we shunned Block Value before so heavily is that very few items came with BV but not BR. These days we have a slightly greater choice of such pieces and, while you still wouldn't usually pick it over straight avoidance stats, it's not unattractive.

    As for what I recommend, it largely depends on how you see your Libram slot. Many (myself included) view it as a threat slot and so the Block Value ones (and now the Strength one for EoT) are the natural fits here. Some, however, see it as a place to add to their defensive stats, so the Dodge one (also for EoT) would be good. Eventually you'll probably want to get both and switch them around as the encounter requires.

    As for the badges, the concept of "10-man" and "25-man" badges is now long gone. There are now "base badges" (that drop from pre-Tier 9 raids and all Heroics) and the newest badges that come from the Daily Heroic and all current-tier raids on both 10 and 25-man. Right now Emblems of Conquest (the former Ulduar-25 badge) are the base badge and so you can get anything from iLevel 200 to 226 pieces for them. You may need to trade some downward to Valor or Heroism badges to get certain pieces but things like Platinum Mesh Cloak are still very worth getting until you're doing 25-man Ulduar or 25-man TotC.

    In the next patch, Emblems of Triumph will become the "base badge", meaning you can buy gear up to iLevel 245 and the new Emblem of Frost will be the one that drops from Tier 10 raids and the Daily Heroic, Weekly Raid and Random Heroic quests.

    It does look as though you've got almost all the stuff for badges (though I still greatly recommend trading some down for the Platinum Mesh Cloak) but the good news is that TotC-10 (iLevel 232) and TotC-25 (iLevel 245) are quite easy to PUG and don't take very long to clear so in sheer gear upgrade terms that might be worth considering.

    Quick note on your gems - the AP/Stam one doesn't benefit you much. If you are going to gem for threat, choose Strength over Attack Power - it scales on Kings and your talents where Attack Power doesn't. I usually only match socket bonuses of +9 Stam or higher with Enduring (10 Def/15 Stam; green) in yellow sockets, Shifting (10 Agi/15 Stam; purple) in red and Solid (30 Stam; blue) in blue. I'd ignore other socket bonuses.

    Final upgrade suggestion - Flame Leviathan is the first boss of Ulduar and on 25-man he drops an iLevel 232 tanking sword called Titanguard which would be a fantastic upgrade for you (which you probably won't replace until Heroic Anub'arak 10-man or Onyxia-25). Since time is an issue for you and you may need to PUG for things, this would be a good thing to aim for.

    Best of luck - let me know if you want any more info or have any more questions

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    Thanks on all counts for taking the time to look at my set up and the detailed reply!

    PUGing things is anoying me only because everyone on my server is "MUST LINK achievement soooo no one is allowed to learn anymore. Guess I need to find a guild that fits into my raid potential hours (late night) :-)

    Thanks again much appreciated!

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