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Thread: How does a Warrior stand against a Paladin, and how can I survive more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MellvarTank View Post
    This thread has been done at least 10 times, 10 different ways in the last month. I understand enjoying talking about the mechanics of tanking and the different classes, but we are continually kicking a dead horse here. There is a search function, let's learn to use it.

    The exact same thing happens with Fury warriors, every thread, I can copy and paste my answers into because it is always the SAME thing over and over and over.

    Am I derailing it, no. I'm trying to end the same argument that is in 6 threads on the main page of 3 sections on this forum.
    Delete this and the previous 3 posts please so tankspot can have real threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petninja View Post
    That's silly, Warriors only have one tree that allows you to tank. DKs have three trees for tanking.

    Seriously though, your statement only hurts the Warrior community. The days of "You bring the warrior because they are the tanks" have ceased to exist. Maybe you preferred those days. It doesn't matter. They are gone.

    On a thread relevant note: I fail to see how people are noticing Paladins to be easier to heal. With the exception of stamina scaling, which we've already seen to not really equate to that much more, AD is the only ability Paladins have that might unbalance them. I don't hear this about Blood DKs with their WotN, which works in a very similar fashion. If these healers are really seeing the difference they must not be overhealing at all, or the slim difference between the two classes would never show.
    I still believe that a warrior is the gotoclass for a tank. A prot. warrior is what I've heard from many to be the standard. I thought that warrior got their tanking prowess back after they fixed the originally immensely overpowered DKs.
    On a more related note...... I don't believe that a paladin can stand up to a warrior or a DK in tanking ability. I just don't see how a pally can possibly be better.
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    Educate yourself.

    All tanks are good. They all have their uniquenesses, but all are good, all are viable.


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