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Thread: Ulduar 10 questions.

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    Ulduar 10 questions.

    So about a month ago my little guild entered Ulduar 10. We started off with only 6 people doing Flame Lev. After a few weeks we got some more interest and downed XT-002 and after some effort Razorscale.

    Fast forward a bit, we now do Flame Lev 2 Towers (Leaving up Thorim, Mirimon) Razorscale (Have done him with as low as 8 people), XT-002, Kologarn, Cat Lady, Iron Council. Tonight was our first kills on Hodir, Thorim and Freya (Took about two wipes each to get the strat down).

    We've yet to kill Ignis, and have yet to attempt Mirimon, General or Yogg. We can do VoA and Ony 10 Man, we haven't tried ToC. I am nearly positive we can do Ignis, we've just had bad luck concerning a bug which causes the stacks on the adds to go down (Hi to you, unholy desecration bug).

    Our Normal Raid makeup is

    Protection Paladin (Holy offspec)
    Fury warrior (Protection offspec)
    Unholy DK DPS (Tank offspec)
    Frost Mage
    2 Destro Locks
    Resto Shaman

    3 Random people, it varies, normally 1 DPS and 2 healers.

    Given this makeup and the fact we're downing these encounters after a minimal number of tries, how well would you venture we'd do on Mirimon, General and Yogg, and should we be looking into ToC? I've only done up to Faction Champs, I am unsure how hard Twins and Anub are in comparison to what we've beaten.

    Thanks for any advice

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    Absolutely try ToC10. Mimiron is harder than any boss in ToC. For comparison, my guild has yet to down Yogg10 on normal mode, but clears ToC10 in 90 minutes.

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    We also still have yet to take down Ignis, we've gotten him down to 30% but then we wipe, please need help.


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