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Thread: keybinds and moding a UI...help please.

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    keybinds and moding a UI...help please.

    I'm trying to make Tuk's UI, the one in the new resto druid guide (Modified by the guide's author), as my own.

    I've been looking at Vuhdo, to replace grid, smart buff, smart debuff, mouse over macros and clique.

    here's the problem. keybinds.....
    i want the same key binds for my mouseover/vuhdo frames as i want on my actionbar frames.

    Vuhdo adds places to bind spells in the default esc/keybind menu.
    so does tactionbars, part of tukUI that handles the bars...

    when i bind a key for one it unbinds for the other.

    is there any way any addon that will let me bind two functions to one key? i've tried easybind, and bindpad.... everything unbinds something else.

    maybe the way to go is to create mouseover macros for each spell on my action bar.
    any suggestions?


    if there isn't i guess i'll give up the mouse over part of vuhdo....

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    You can't have one keybind for two different things so you'll probably have to go with mouseover macros on your action bars.

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    Vuhdo's author got back to me on wowinterface...

    said to make the macro's that vuhdo auto-creates into general macros and put them in my action bar...this addon auto creates simple mouse over macros...

    the auto created macros are in the format
    /cast [target=mouseover,help] SPELLNAME

    I'm trying to get the basic idea to work with a bit more complicated macro.

    /cast [mod:shift,target=player][target=mouseover,exists,help,nodead][target=focus,exists,help,nodead][target=player]Greater Heal

    what i think this macro should do is;
    ON SHIFT cast on me, not matter what else...
    else cast on mouseovertarget(unit frame or toon) if there is one and it's not dead or an "enemy"
    else cast on focus if there is one and it's not dead or an "enemy"
    else cast on me

    but it doesn't seem to be working...even though the macros seem to be bound on my action bar, ie the hotkey shows....and no errors noted when closing each macro.
    is my format wrong?

    any other ideas?


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