The World of Warcraft Armory

This is my char on the WOW armory. The Guild I was in before has been disbanned. It was one of the best 25 raiding guilds on our server. I am looking to move on and join a new raiding guild and contiue raiding. I was a full time healer in the guild and my offspec is tank with gear. I have downed 25 uld on my lock and on my druid im still missing yogg. I have down 25 and 10 man TOC every week over the last few months. I have down Ony 25 and 10 the same times. I have worked on 10 and 25 TOGC, didn't get far in that LOL. I am willing to transfer servers and maybe even sides for the right guild. My normal raid time is 8pst to when im done raiding. If there is a guild out there that raids around this time and needs a healer Druid...or even a tank PM here on Tankspot. or has any questions.