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Thread: Stick to Fury or switch to arms?

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    Stick to Fury or switch to arms?

    Hi Guys,

    I recently made my warrior my main. As a DPS toon. TOC and badges allowed me a quick acceleration into raiding (along with patience from my guild). I have rotten luck with weapon drops. I recently got Anguish the polearm from 10 man TOC. Item 232.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I have read though that I shouldn't be fury until I get decent weapons.... In your opinion should I go to arms and use this weapon or stick to fury?

    I am a casual player who can't afford the gems etc for just an experiment. Would love the experienced raider out there to comment.

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    I'd stick with Fury and replace that belt (agility vs. strength)... but that's how I like to play. If you want to go arms then go for it.
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    Really depends on which you like more. If you get good at Arms you may do a little better DPS due to your current weapon availability but if you would just be learning Arms and are a casual player it may actually cause more harm then good. You would probably have gotten new weapon upgrades by the time you really have Arms down anyway.

    So the question is whether you want to get good at the Arms play style and how quickly you could adapt. If you switched to Arms I would HIGHLY recommend getting Grim Toll so that with your current armor pen you would be up around 100% during proc (and would take you up to hit cap).

    Also something to keep in mind is your raid utility, does your raid appreciate easier sunders & interrupts from you as fury or would they like the bleed buffs from you as Arms? Arms is all about using an ability on every single GCD so it is much more strict then Fury and if you are the designated Sunderer your DPS suffers at the start of fights to benefit the rest of the raid.

    In the end however it really just comes down to which play style you prefer, each can be viable if you are good at it.

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    Thanks guys. I totally forgot to mark this off. I did switch to arms to help the feral druids. I still haven't seen a 245 weapon drop yet. Arms is more work but if it helps the guild then no worries.

    My ultimate goal is fury however. Maybe IceCrown.... Sigh.

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