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Thread: Defense Rating: Worth Gemming?

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    Defense Rating: Worth Gemming?

    I've heard that instead of gemming stamina you can gem +defense rating, for the dodge and parry. Right now i am 15 above the defense cap, because of a trinket, should i take out my defense rating gem and gem more stamina or just stay with +defense?

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    As a DK it's probably not worth doing. Some warriors gem it to reach passive unhittable with a block set, but for progression raiding you're going to have more luck stacking stamina.

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    Also, as a DK, you'll be swimming in Parry rating from Strength already, which means that the Defense will give you less Dodge+Parry than a Dodge gem will.
    With the current endgame content in mind, I'ld say the only gems you'ld ever want are Stamina, Hit/Stamina & Expertise/Stamina, with the last 2 only ever useful for getting socket bonuses that are stamina
    (And ofc only if you're not capped on hit already)
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