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Thread: DK Emblem Pick Up Guide?

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    DK Emblem Pick Up Guide?

    (Should this be on the Help section? :| )

    So, my DK got to 80 yesterday and i'm starting to do instances for gear and badges.

    I'm a Frost specced tank with a DW DPS second spec and i'm a bit confused on what to get first from badges(conquest & triumph).

    Since i decided to go with a Tank+DPS spec, i'm thinking on using badges to get tank gear and rely on drops for the DPS set.

    Looking at the badge rewards and my gear, i think i should aim first for some new sigils but i'm not yet sure which.

    With Conquest i can go for the Deflection one or Vengeful Heart or even the Awareness one. I was actually thinking on the Awareness one since it helps both my specs but after that i'm not sure if i should try to pick up the other sigils or start working on my Tier pieces.

    How would a more experience DK tank choose?

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    the only sigil i would go would be the one that grants dodge for 20secs other than that use conquest badges on tank gear, and other conquest badges to change to valor and get those tank items there

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