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    Warr prot, been using Black heart and Eithriggs oat trinkets, add indestructible pot and all raid buffs i got to 75%dmg reduction from armor when trink was used and black hearth proced.
    Using this on twin valkires 10hc and cann lol at its face when other one gets shielded and mine goes dual wield
    My question is does resto shamans 10%dmg reduction from phisical hits stacks with it?
    This was changed on shammys as before it gave armor and ofc capped stayed caped, but now its only dmg reduction.
    Wondering as were at anub now on hc and he hits like hell.
    Were tryng 2 healers strat and tryng to organize defns cd and etc to help survive p3 which is only prob for us, p1/p2 are easly doable

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    To answer your question, Inspiration from Priests and Ancestral Fortitude from Shamans grants a 10% dmg reduction and it stacks with reduction from armor, but not straight additively.

    If your armor and passive damage reduction reduce the incoming damage by 80%, and you're seeing 10k hits, say. The 10% reduction from the proc will reduce that 10k by 10%, so to 9k hits. This is how those effects stack.

    If you have 75% reduction from armor
    10% reduction from stance
    3% reduction from raid buff (BoSanc or Divine Grace)
    and then 10% from Ancestral Fort

    this is how it adds up:
    1 - (1.00-0.75)*(1.00-0.10)*(1.00-0.03)*(1.00-0.10) = 0.8036 = 80.36% total
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