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Thread: Anub'arak Add Problems

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    Anub'arak Add Problems

    My guild is currently on Anubarak Heroic 25 and I am tanking all 4 adds that spawn. My unhittable set works out very well, except every once in a blue moon blocking will still cause me to take massive amounts of damage.

    For example: I will block an attack with 2.7kish block value and still take 6k damage.

    Everytime this has happened it's been during phase 3. The only possible explanation I can figure is the damage is being multiplied BEFORE the block and the block is then subtracting the substiantially higher hit.

    Take a look at my death logs(click on the "deaths" tab)
    -World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis

    "20:49:44.478" is a good example. I take three 6k hits in very quick succession with a block value of 2.7k.

    Has anyone else encountered this in the fight?

    P.S. This has nothing to do with whether or not I'm facing the adds it's something entirely different.

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    First, loose the stam gems 'cept for the 1 you need for the meta bonus. Secondly, you need more BV. Raid buffed you want to get as close to 3k as you can get. I looked through my logs and I'm just flat out blocking more than you, and the more stam you have also the harder leeching swarm is gonna tick for.

    Getting a gnomish autoblocker so that you have either an extra 440 or 200 BV per round should help and in addition its a flat 117 more BV which will also help a lot.

    Get titanium plating on your shield, that's another 40BV right there. Also it looks like you're probably decently over 101.6% with raid buffs as it is and once you drop the ony trinket and re-gem all stam you should be there no problem and this will increase your BV by at least 167, you seem to be just under the mark and remember with glyph of blocking that makes 167 10% better, so closer to 180 extra BV.

    What I do for phase 3 is the second set of adds after the second burrow phase usually gets to me right as anub'arak hits 30%. For the first wave I don't use a trinket. Phase 3 is usually about 5 waves MAX for us, usually more like 4 (we often army of the dead the last one too). Therefore the first wave I can hit trinket 1, the second wave I can hit trinket 2, the 3rd wave I can shield wall and/or enraged regen, then the 4th wave trinket 1 is up again then the 5th wave trinket 2 is up again, or at least close to it. (to be honest I just have a trinket priority macro setup and then shield wall if a trinket doesn't pop).

    Hopefully this helps, good luck! I know it can be frustrating, we had a wipe tonight where Anub'arak had 7k hps left.
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    From what I can see in the logs, you're getting hit still. You're armory shows you at ~100.83% unhittability, with raid buffs I can see this going over 101.6 but maybe just barely? (remember defense miss has steep DR that unless you use a macro for, is difficult to figure out).
    Spell  	Damage done  	Hits  	Crits  	Blocks  	Uptime  	Absorb  	 	Misses
    # 	Avg 	Total 	# 	Avg 	Total 	# 	Avg 	Total 	Bl 	Do 	Mi 	Pa 	Total
    Melee 	602476 	93.8 % 	32 	6759.2 	216296 	1 	16544.0 	16544 	116 	3186.5 	369636 	- 	403724 		291 	221 	96 	186 	84.2 %
    Shadow Strike 	40000 	6.2 % 	1 	40000.0 	40000 	- 	- 	- 	- 						
    	642476 	100% 	33 	7766.5 	256296 	1 	16544.0 	16544 	116 	3186.5 	369636 		- 		794 (84.2 %)
    according to this, you took 200k worth of damage just from regular hits, so either they're positioning around you and getting hits off from the side, or you're not unhittable. Also the average attack that gets through even on a block shows to be around 3k. when fully stacked at 9 debuffs that's 225% more damage, it's very possible those 3k hits are gonna start hitting for upwards of 5k. I do notice that this was a wipe so some of those hits, crits, and even the shadowstrike were made post wipe call, but 32 landed hits seems abnormal.

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    Downed him tonight! I did some work and upped my block value substantially, this in conjunction with some better executed cooldowns in phase 3 is (in my opinion) what made the difference. Thanks very much everyone!

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