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Thread: Glyph of Indominability

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuliwynT View Post
    I read the first page.. and some posters talking about avoidance.

    I know avoidance isn't useless. I understand the theory behind avoidance making 2nd, 3rd, 4th, x number of strikes to have a less likely chance to hit you consecutively... but... isn't it a fact, that the 2nd, 3rd, and everything else, STILL has the exact same randomness as the 1st? If you have 60% avoidance, and you get hit, that next hit doesn't miraculously have a 70% chance to miss because you were hit by the first... it's still 60%.

    So... that's where the argument falls flat on me. It's still random.

    As for the armour trinket - I'm glad people have found it to be useful even over a similar level stam trinket for certain fights. I guess I was one of the ones who made the mistake of just relying on the stam trinkets after seeing they were more EH, but now I kinda wanna pick it up just because.

    And the use on the glyph is really helpful, especially when used in conjunction with another dodge or parry use trinket. But... I really think the use effect on an armour trinket should be a health bonus, as it would compliment the armour provided more than.. well, dodging, would.
    Yes, each event is independant and does not impact the odds of successive events, but the issue is reducing the frequency of spike damage... Lowering the number of times you take 3 consecutive hits from say 13 times in a fight to say 10 times in a figh reduces the opportunity for error.

    The more often the streaks happen, the more likely they are to happen right when your healer gets cc'd, snowbalded, had to run to avoid fire/void zones/falling bat turd, etc... despite the fact that the odds of flipping 3 consecutive heads are only 12.5 percent, after each head the odds the next flip will be heads is still 50 percent... but over time the number and relative frequency of three hit strings is the issue.
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