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Thread: How am I looking?

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    How am I looking?

    Here's my armory to start with: The World of Warcraft Armory

    I just got back into wow about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately I didn't get to raid Ulduar much before my hiatus. I've been collecting badges and TOC5 gear along the way. Got my first Ony10 kill last night (of course no tank gear drops). Basically looking for confirmation I'm on the right track with my gear/gems/chants/spec. I have basically been using Vene's badge pick list with a couple exceptions (I got gloves first since those were my lowest ilvl piece before). Given I grabbed the TOC5 helm last night, should I bother with the Conquest Badge helm? I figured I'd be better off spending my badges on DPS gear and maybe the legs for a block/unhittable set in case I ever get to do Anub adds. I'll also note I'm only able to raid 2 nights a week which puts me on our casual team which is primarily doing 10 mans. 1 last question, do you think the Spiked Deathdealers are worth getting crafted to upgrade my Thad boots? Thanks for any advice! I'll add that since this post I got to OT Ony25 and also Northrend Beasts 25. Felt awesome to tank some raids again! Of course still no tank drops in either of those
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