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Thread: Looking for better gear

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    Looking for better gear

    I've decided to start playing my druid again and I know my gear needs improvement. My guild is small, 7 members, but we do run the daily heriocs with success. What should I do to improve my gear and where should I look for better stuff. Here is my armory profile ClapusThe World of Warcraft Armory

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    From conquest badges in order of upgrade order:
    Pick up the Idol of Corrupter.
    Pick up the T8 chest and head from conquest badges.
    Get the Ulduar boots and belt made from Ulduar patterns - you can buy the Runed orbs via conquest badges.
    Get the cheap tanking neck.

    From triumph badges in order of upgrade:
    Get the Clutch of Fortification
    Pick up the Duskstalker shoulders from triumph badges.

    If you're rich, buy some crusader orbs from people and get the Bracers of Swift Death made.

    Then, try and run Ony 10 as much as you can. Hope for the tanking ring and the shadowstrike/thunderstrike to drop. Also run VoA 10.

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    Couple of other suggestions: there is a very nice tanking ring that drops in H DTK. Keystone Great-Ring - Item - World of Warcraft

    Also the boots from H TOC are pretty nice, they don't have a lot of stam but very high agility and have some expertise.Treads of Dismal Fortune - Item - World of Warcraft there is also a tanking ring and in regular The Black Heart - Item - World of Warcraft.
    I don't know if others would advise this but you can use 25 champ seals to pick up Staff of Feral Furies - Item - World of Warcraft I like this for tanking as far as pre-Nax or anything past that. Felhoof can correct me if I'm wrong but the polearm from H TOC might be better.

    I don't know the rate at which you bring in Triumph badges, but in my case I'm rather casual so mine is primarily daily heroic and poking in to say hi to Ony and VOA once in a while. If you're like me you might consider picking up
    Glyph of Indomitability - Item - World of Warcraft then Clutch of Fortification - Item - World of Warcraft

    For the shoulders I'd consider picking up the Deadly Gladiators with honor or conquest badges or after you get all of the conquest stuff you plan on getting, maybe trading conquest down to valor and picking up 7.5 shoulders. The only reason I say this is I had my Nax 25 shoulders from before the TOC patch, I ended up picking up triumph badges at the rate I described and my first purchase was the shouldersDuskstalker Shoulderpads - Item - World of Warcraft and it looked like such a small upgrade when I equipped them. Even looking at chardev.org the difference is 380 hp, a very small increase in dodge that's with the gem i use and enchant on them. I just regretted not getting the trinket for my first purchase.

    Last thing for 10k honor you can pick up 30stam 15 resilience shoulder enchant which is very good for bears.
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