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Thread: Getting ready for HToC10

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    Getting ready for HToC10


    Let me preface this by saying that I am in a guild that only does 10 mans, any 25 mans we do are in pugs. We have cleared Uld10 except Yogg and Algalon, and have been farming ToC10 for the last few weeks (achievements are split between my warrior and shaman).

    Last week we took our first shot at HToC10. Unfortunately, we did not get that far (we got Gormok down but not fast enough). While I was on my shaman for that run, I want to make sure my tank is prepared for when we decide to give it another go.

    As such, I am looking for any suggestions on gear, spec, and glyphs in an effort to prepare myself for HToC10. My armory should be up to date, and the only real things it doesnt show are:
    a) I have two more pieces of t8 in my bags for spell fights
    b) I have a couple other trinkets (2nd brewfest trinket, Heroism emblem dodge trinket)

    Armory link (linked to profile but just for completeness): The World of Warcraft Armory

    Finally, a question: how does the Onyxia quest trinket stack up? I tend to like stamina wherever I can get it, but the extra def and parry are tempting.

    Thanks for your time,
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    Honestly dude i am fully geared from Toc with almost no Ulduar gear left and nothing under it. I have the 4 tier set bonus of t 9 and a few 245's. I still dont even consider myself ready for togc 10. ToGC 10 is alot harder than most people think. Its not a matter of stats but a combination of raid skill and gear as well.

    MIN raid specs


    38k UB
    60% AV
    25k ARM
    5k TPS


    2.8k SP
    40% CRIT
    (depends on class)


    Stat capped
    5k sustained dps

    If your raid does not have that your wasting your time. Even if you do its still a very hard raid. Dont rush your progression.

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    I disagree completely with Lerius. I don't think it's a waste of time at all at your gear level. If you trust your healer corps and dps corps, and study the fights / cooldown and taunt rotations, etc. it would definitely be worth heading in there and checking it out. It will be very difficult, but I think you could make headway.

    I'm not sure where the hit is that you have to take that requires you to have 38k unbuffed HP and 60% avoidance. Perhaps it's farther into the instance than I've reached, but in that case, you'd still not need it for the first boss.

    Even if you are unable to down that first boss, it's a good exercise in raid coordination and skill development that can help your raid team in the normal version.

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    I'll say in here what I have said in a few of these threads now. We cleared to hero anub the FIRST day it was available. I had ONE piece from 25 toc and everything else was a mix of badge, ulduar and I actually still had a naxx 25 piece or 2. It is hard, the bosses wont just fall over, it will take work and you will die a lot. We spent about 5 hours or so that first night getting beasts through twins down but it is doable.

    And for the record, I was under 38kUB, I was under 60% avoidance, I was probably somewhere around 25k armor but not UB, and I think listing a minimum threat number is useless at this point. If you can't pull 5k you are terribad.

    This is just more of the same crap where people expect you to have gear from the content in order to complete it.

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    Thank you Scary. I suspected it was a case of people setting silly "minimum requirements," based on my own experiences, but it's nice to have confirmation from someone who has cleared much farther than I have.

    This is Tankspot people, where tanks come to get reliable information. Let's not contribute to the existing WoW culture of "Tanks need X hitpoints as a minimum for Y encounter." Unless the encounter includes a hit that really needs that many hit points, don't set minimums. Instead, you can reasonably say "Your gear level is a little on the low side. You may be able to do it, but it won't be easy. Much of your ability to complete the encounter will rest on your ability to properly use your cooldowns, and on your healers and dps to do things properly." Let's get off the gear requirement inflation.

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