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Thread: A few questions for a DPSer...

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    A few questions for a DPSer...

    So I kinda feel awkward/bad asking this, especially here since it is TANKSpot, but I guess I'll just get right to the heart of the matter:

    About the time after I became RL of my guild, I did a few raids and realized there were some things I just couldn't handle as a DK. The fights were just too tough despite the fact that my gear told me I'd be fine. Usually it was because I got hit like a dump-truck. (it was Maly 10 that really opened my eyes to this) Usually I'd just grab one of our warriors who was normally with us anyway and have them tank. However usually at that point they'd ask kindly for one of our Paladins or another warrior to OT, leaving me to put out DPS.

    Being very frank, I SUCK at DPS. Period. It's just not something I can find myself putting any enthusiasm on for my death knight. I have maybe three pieces of DPS gear sitting in my bank unused, and they're not horribly good.

    I fell into a bit of a depression after that (the guildies who know me will tell you I'm exceedingly hard on myself.), however that was until I remembered that I had my Warlock on the back-burner.

    So, I started leveling him. I'm loving it, however it occurred to me last night that I didn't know what I was looking for in terms of raiding for my DK until I was there. I didn't have a plan or anything.

    I guess what I'm asking is is there any advice on speccs, stats to be sure I get, any ratios and things, any of that, for a Warlock? I'm kinda planning to use him on raids that I can't tank, since it's a bit easier to be a lower-geared DPS and still be useful.
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    The Mage Equivalent: The Destruction Warlock - Elitist Jerks

    Its a bit oldish and is made for path 3.1.3 but most of the stuff is valid still.

    And one for Affliction to : Dots and you: The Affliction Warlock Thread - Elitist Jerks

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