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Thread: DK Tank need advise

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    DK Tank need advise

    Hey Guys/Gals,

    Hope I can get some answers here

    Last night, I decided to pug TOGC 10 for the first time..... I was getting hit like CRAZY. Now I know heroic is HARD mode, but didnt think it would be a massacre, I mean i was popping all CD and using Indestructible/Healing Potions every time I could...... Only got to Acid/Dred once (sad), all other tries were wipes on Gormok!

    The DPS was there, but I don't really know if it was a heals problem or if its just that I am not geared enough for Hard Modes yet.... any help/advise on gear would be nice thanks


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    I can't say anything specific, since your gear looks to be ok. In general, DK are considered to be squishier than warrior tanks at the moment (with druid and paladin claiming top EH). This becomes all the more apparent when doing heroic 10/25 toc. It's been done already with all tanks, but communication for cooldowns from the healers becomes more critical with DK/Warrior.
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    If you're used to taunting off on 3 stacks of impale from normal, that's a no-no for heroic mode. Taunt off at 2 stacks. 3 stacks of impale will tick for insane amounts and one impale + one normal melee swing can land for 50K in an instant even for 2 stacks. Make sure you have some sort of attack power debuff on the boss too. It shaves off at least 2K per hit from everything.

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    Moar stam, you should stack more stamina since that's what keeping you between being alive and being dead. Chasing after Socket bonuses of 6stam is not ideal and you should just smack in a 30stam gem and screw the sockets in those cases, 9stam bonuses is a bit closer but can also be ignored if you keep ending up dead. You want to have one red gem in your gear to activate meta though.

    Enchants, get the PvP enchant with stam for your shoulders, 275hp for chest, get armor on cloak since you are way above the def minimum, get armor or stam on your gloves since threat shouldn't be an issue.

    Coordinate cds on you and your tanking partner so that you have as much uptime of it as possible on it during the later stages of the Gormok fight. No cds are needed for worms really so its no problem if every single tanking cd is used during P1, tank death however are a great problem.

    Good luck.

    Edit: Oh and try to time your Scarab use for when you are going to take a big impale and don't have any cds up.

    And remember to check death logs for when you die, your gear should really make it an "easy" job to stay alive so its a great possibility that healers might be slacking or doing mistakes.

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