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Thread: Warrior tank 1-shot by 10man onyxia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daishan12 View Post
    Also don't forget that sneaky 0.000000000000000000000000001% chance you can be crit even over the "defence cap" (prefer defence minimum but thats just being picky :P)
    The above information has no theoritical or even practical finding and is completely incorrect not being picky just spreading missinformation. The only crits that happen when crit immune in PvE are:

    1. Not having -5.6% chance to be crit (ie 540 def or 536 and 15 resilience~ as long as the combo reduces chance to be crit by -5.6% for raid bosses it's fine, obviously for 72 mobs you only need 5.4% or 535 defense.)
    2. Pressing sit (if you haven't yet unbound x do so now)
    3. The mob's do a defense debuff (e.g. Thorim's unbalancing strike)
    4. A feral druid or fury warrior gets mind controlled thus buffing the mobs (or in rare cases a ret paladin gets mind controlled and judges you).
    5. A few trash mobs have been known to have higher critical chance rates paticularly rogue types.

    No one has proven theres a random chance to be crit and after the testing satrina has done on the combat table I find it highly unlikely that such a chance even exists beyond myth.

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    [QUOTE=Mačl;303412] It happened while you pulled. Did you walk backwards, strafe or run directly to the end of the cave? If you walked backwards then her movement is erratic. If you strafed then it could be that she somehow sneaked a couple of attacks into your back. If you turned your back to her and ran, well...what can I say? QUOTE]

    Actualy, comming to think of it the pull did go a bit weird because my charge didnt go off, so that is the most logical explination i can think of.

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    One scenario: Onyxia has a huge hit box I've noticed, and you have to charge right away before you get into it, or no charge for you. It is deceivingly large, and as soon as she aggro's, 2 steps forward and you can't charge.

    Other scenario: The charge timed out on account of a lag spike and she got a couple of hits off without you knowing.
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    Last night our very well geared warrior got spiked for about 80% of his health. Not sure exactly what hit him, I think it was a wing buffet/cleave combo. You've got about 6k less unbuffed health than our MT does and the same hit would have killed you outright.

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    Sounds like your healer was probably spacing out.

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    So it's a healer/lag/probably got more than 1 hit on you even though it didn't look like it issue.

    Mystery solved.

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    the most logical expanation without having a log is probably boss hit + parry hasted hit + cleave combo for like 15k each. afaik her cleave isn't on her swing timer. You have pretty low expertise (17) so this makes it even more likely to happen than usual.

    install recount and check the death log in future incredibly handy to see what killed you and/or who didnt heal you

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    If you were fully raid buffed I would think that you probably were not "one shotted". Mabey you were two shotted and your healers were sleeping. You could enchant your shield and chest for DEF and gem more +30 stam (forget the bonuses). If you start with 36k unbuffed then fully buffed you will be 45k which will be less chance on getn one shotted.

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