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Thread: More Threat!

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    More Threat!

    So I guess ill start off with giving you guys my Armory link:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    So here's the story, ive been tanking for a while now and ive always been specced frost. Im a main OT for my guild, but I often get asked to MT as well. Ive tanked pretty much all the current raids and have no problems in them. I dont have a threat problem when tanking multiple mobs, this is not what this is about. I really wanna get my single target threat up but i dont really know what to do about it. My single target rotation is HB OB BS BS FS and Rune Strike when it procs. I pull about 4-5k TPS with that rotation but im looking to increase that even more. Im looking for some suggestions or advice as to how I can gain more single target threat. Should I try another rotation? Respecc blood? Ive actually been thinking about that last one. ive never done it and kind of want to give it a shot
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    Personally, I would drop the 2pts from unholy command and put them into 2H Weap Specialization to increase the dmg output for threat. This could partially be from my play style as well, where I hardly DG unless it's a ranged mob or to save DPS/heals who stole my aggro (only happens if they open up before me).

    Also, I'd recommend taking out RP Mastery as you'll hardly need to have 120rp when you're tanking. I'd rather put the 2 extra pts into Merciless Combat to help out with dmg (also threat) on mobs. I bet you already do that, but just to confirm... Are you using RS every time it procs?

    The Glyph of IBF is basically a PVP glyph, and you'd be better off replacing it with something else (glyph of OB perhaps?).

    As for single target rotations, I'd rather go with:
    - IT > PS > BS > BS > OB
    - OB > OB > OB
    - RS and HB when it procs
    - FS when you have 60rp or more

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