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Thread: Its been a while

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    Its been a while

    Hello Everybody!

    So, I recently just came back from about a year away from WoW (can't ever stay away) and grabbed the WoTLK expansion. My paladin from 1-70 was holy, and from 70-80 I've been prot. I am doing ok for myself (at least I think so) as this is my first tanking character. I have been level 80 for about 16 hours played time, so I don't have an amazing amount of gear yet.

    I have tanked my fare share of Heroics, but I have yet to do Naxx (at all!) because I am unsure if I am ready to do it or not. I see tanks on my server all with 35k+ health and I wonder to myself if I am just not ready to tank Naxx 10 yet. I have 27k health unbuffed, at 544-551 defense (depending on the trinket I use) and I believe my spec is pretty good for my style of playing.

    Should I be able to tank, if not MT even OT Naxx 10 at my level? My armory is Rominoodle. Any advice or input on gear/spec or anything else would be greatly appreciated!

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    Naxx 10 should be doable with 25K health, so yes, you should be able to tank that fully. Keep in mind, that once you are raid buffed, you might be at around 31-32K health, while still maintaining your defense and avoidance.

    You might even be able to do Naxx25.
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    You should be fine. Whether or not you can find a group at that gear level is up to your server I think I was about 26k unbuffed at 540 defense when I started tanking naxx.

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