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Thread: Am I ready for U10/25 and ToC10?

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    Am I ready for U10/25 and ToC10?

    Big Hello to my favourite community

    I have a question regarding my gear and if I'm redy to start doing ToC10 and U10/25? Here is my armory link:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    With Frost Pressence I'm sitting a bit above 33k HP + 24.5k Armor. I have read and watched all the fights so theoreticaly I prepared, what about my gear though?

    Additional problem that I find is that all the PUG's wants Epic achievement + ToC or Ulduar achievement these days, which I don't have Do you have any tips on how to overcome those arguments?

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    You are fine for Uld10/25 and maybe ToC10, give it a shot

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