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Thread: arms ,,,,help me plz

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    arms ,,,,help me plz

    airavous ,,on garithos,,,,low dps and i have great gear,,,plz send advise.. my rotation is rend ,sunder,sunder,sunder,sunder,bladestorm,execute and overpower... my ap is 4300 and crit is 30 percent,,,,help plz

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    In what enviroment are we talking about? 5man/10man/25man? And your rotation for dps should be:

    Rend > MS > Execute > OP > Slam + HS if you have even more excess rage.

    Bladestorm is really only a dps boost if you are attacking more than 1 mob with it, against single target BS is a dps loss.

    And if you don't have a prot warrior in the raid that puts up Sunders you should do that but only if we are talking about a raid enviroment, in 5mans sunders are pointless.

    And sort out your gemming, atm you are gemming for AP, Str and Arp in your red sockets, you should either gem for Str or Arp. You are also using two prismatic gems, you should really loose that +6to all gem in your bracers.

    And for glyphs, loose the Sunder Armor glyph and get Glyph of Execute.

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    Your biggest problem is most likely coming from your rotation.

    Just about the only thing you can count on will be your first few abilities. This is how you should start out.

    Charge>Rend>Mortal Strike>Slam>Overpower.

    After this, your rotation basically becomes priority list. Make sure that you always have rend up, but don't constantly keep refreshing it. Your list of priorities should look something like this.


    That should fix any rotation issues that you may have. Now for your gear.

    Your gemming is everywhere. First and foremost, you need to change your Meta gem. You should go for the "Relentless Earthsiege Diamond" (21 Agility and 3% increased critical damage). The gem requirements of this Meta can be satisfied with one "Nightmare Tear" (+10 All Stats). You will lose a very minor amount of critical strike rating with this change, but the 21 agility will scale with raid buffs unlike the critical strike rating from your current Meta.

    After this change you are able to completely avoid any "Hybrid" gems (Purple, Green, Orange). This makes it possible to maximize your gem slots. If you are Expertise/Hit capped from your gear, I would recommend gemming all Armor Penetration. Since this is not true in your case (you are wayyy below expertise cap), a couple of your slots will have to be filled with expertise gems.

    To minimize the amount of slots used for Expertise, I would go ahead and drop the AP on your gloves, and replace it with +15 Expertise. Also, you are already wayyy over the hit cap and have plenty of crit, so I would recommend losing Icewalker and picking up +32 AP to boots. This will nearly make up for the lost AP from your bracers.

    The one enchant on your bracer will not be enough to put you at the soft expertise cap. To attain the soft cap, gem expertise until you are at 26 Expertise (214 Rating, 6.5% Reduced chance to be Dodged or Parried).

    I would reccomend running ToC raids to get Victor's Call. This will help out ALOT with your expertise problems, but I understand that sometimes stuff you need just doesn't drop =(

    After you are Expertise/Hit capped, just use all your gem slots to stack Armor Penetration. Make sure to utilize your 1 Prismatic gem (Nightmare Tear) to enable your best slot bonus. Don't worry about the other gemming bonuses, just stack as much Armor Penetration as possible.

    Considering your gear, if you were to take our advice, you should be able to pull around 4k DPS in a raid. This is a decent amount, but obviously will not be putting you at the top of the charts. As an Arms Warrior, this is something you are just going to have to become comfortable with. We are brought to raids for our utility (Commanding Shout, Blood Frenzy, and Trauma), not our DPS.

    Hope this helped out! Cya out there.

    Please take Glittersmith's advice and change out your "Glyph of Sunder Armor" for the Execute glyph =)
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