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Thread: Pally Tank!

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    Pally Tank!

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    This is the second time I have asked for advice. this time i am wondering where and how i can become better than I feel that i already am. I know a couple of pieces of my gear need to be changed. I think my spec is pretty solid, i have no issues with threat. i feel that i can improve in many ways though i am not sure how. Any advice is more than welcome.

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    You cold switch out two points from conviction into Vindication, the ap debuff would really lower your damage input.

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    Talent wise, take that single point out of Spiritual Attunement and stick it in the ret tree. 2/2 Spiritual Attunement is overkill, even in heroics. For your ret tree, as Glittersmith said, take two points out of Conviction and put them into Vindication. Also, take another two points out of Conviction and use that extra point you got from Spiritual Attunement and put them all into Crusade. Spreadsheets show that Crusade gives more threat than Conviction (that is, if you're fighting undead, human, demons, and elementals, most of which is in Naxx and ToC 10/25). Or if you want, you can take those 5 points out of Conviction and put them all into Seals of the Pure. In the end, your tree should look something like Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft or Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft or some slight variation to those. (The deal with only 1 point into Improved Judgement is that 2/2 Improved Judgement messes up the 969 rotation)

    Glyphs: Take out the Glyph of Spiritual Attunement and either put in Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous (for AoE tanking), Glyph of Judgement (for threat issues), or Glyph of Righteous Defense (for lesser chances of taunt misses). Glyph of Spiritual Attunement is really not all that great and is considered trash.

    Are you running out of mana frequently during your raids/heroics? If you are, bless yourself with Sanctuary, keep up Divine Plea at all times, judge wisdom, or if worse comes to worse, put up Seal of Wisdom (in the respective order). If you're still having mana issues, pull more and block block block. That will always get your mana up in a jiffy.

    Lastly, I know that you are going to get gear, but try to aim first for the Platinum Mesh Cloak that you can grab using Valor emblems. It's one of the better upgrades and you probably won't replace it until you hit either Uld 25 or ToC 10/25. Also, go 10 man FL 25 man. It's a piece of cake and Titanguard is a nice upgrade for you over that sword of yours.

    Other than that, you seem to have the key elements of tanking down (Well, talent and gearing wise, anyways). All of this is really just to help your threat a bit more when you start tanking with people who are better geared than you. Good luck to you in the future.

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    Just to tack onto what was already given to you:

    I assume the spec I'm seeing now (5/53/11) is your new spec. What's up with that point in Benediction? I know you don't have many places to put it, but really, it's utterly useless in benediction. If you need the mana efficiency, DO go 2/2 SA. That second point in spiritual attunement is a hell of a lot more mana than you're saving from 1/5 benediction. Benediction is so, so very weak. Plus, that 2/2 SA will be hugely valuable if you ever find yourself tanking Vezax.

    As far as the 2/2 judgements, THIS IS MISINFORMATION THAT KEEPS GETTING SPREAD. 2/2 Improved Judgements DOES NOT in ANY way mess up the 969 rotation, and the continued belief that it does shows a complete and utter lack of the basis of the rotation to begin with. All 2/2 Imp Judgements does is make Judgement available slightly sooner, which many of us like for add pickup, trash, and soloing.

    If you really think that an 8 second cooldown screws up your 969 rotation, I suggest you check the cooldown on Holy Shield. Hint: it falls in the "9" catagory of 969, but it's also an 8 second cooldown.

    Given your spec personally, I'd honestly go 2/2 imp BoM. If you don't want the extra judgements, you sure as hell don't need 1/5 Benediction... if you're going to carry 1/2 BoM might as well go the full way.

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    Alright, once again, i changed my spec, I am now 5/52/14, i think i got the bases covered, i swapped out the 5 points in Conviction for 2 Vindication, i took 2 in Imp Judgement, cuz as Zoth said, it makes it a bit eaiser to pcik up a faulty trash mob, and 2 into PoJ just cuz i like the fast movement and i figured better than waste the silly points...

    Thank you all, for the great help and advice, hopefully one day i will do myself justice and tank more than just Ony10, Naxx25, and All evrsions of VOA and OS.

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    Ugh, I'm sorry you got some bad advice. Here's where you should have gone

    Putting 5 points in seals of the pure is only good if you take 5 points in reckoning. Even then, it's still slightly behind putting in points into the ret tree.

    Try the following spec.

    If you can find somebody to keep up vindication or equivalent, drop out those 2 points and put it into crusade.

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