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Thread: Good enough for ToC (10)??? No-one seems tot hink so =(

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    Good enough for ToC (10)??? No-one seems tot hink so =(

    Hey Tankspot, I've been hovering arounf alot, doing the odd VoA ever since Trial of the Crusade release. I've bee twice and I have 3/5 achivement. Now it has stopped completely, not gettuign any groups what-so-ever!

    Here is a link - what does everyone else think?
    The World of Warcraft Armory
    P.S take into account my AP is 4.7K - will be differant as I get 20%Extra str from zerker stance

    AP- 4711 : In zerker
    Hit - capped: I've been told
    Crit - 32%: in zerker
    experties - 14
    -I avaerage at around 3.5-4K DPS in 10mans O.o why will no-one take me? Or is just warrs in general, any other Fury Warriors getting rejected more than usual?

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    Its hard to say - the dps you cited seems a tad low - do people give you a reason why you don't get invited? Sometimes, people develop a bad rep on a server, deserved or not.

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    I will be happy to tell you why you are probably not taken to raids....

    Most people want to take a TOC group who has lots of experience, gear etc. If you are going to get into a run, and you arent those things, you need to do everything you can to prove that you are ready. Here are some things you can do to show that....

    1) You are missing some enchants on your gear. Your cloak, chest and main hand weapon are all unenchanted. That tells me that you are not working hard on your character. I mean, how hard is it to get a good enchant? Doesnt have to be the top end.... but something appropriate would be a start.

    2) Most of your gems are blue gems. With badges being able to be used for epics, why not use them? If you dont have gold, you can literally run 5-6 heroics and have enough for 4-5 epic gems. Getting them cut is easy. If you dont have a JC friend, spam in trade chat. Hell, sometimes people will pay you for skill ups.

    3) Your spec looks a little off. Its close but I am pretty sure you want to pick up some raid utility like booming voice and commanding presence. This will buff the raid and make you valuable. You want to try to take a point in Imp execute too.... since you glyphed for it. Also, lose the Bloodthirst glyph that only helps you grind.... get yourself a heroic strike glyph.

    4) You havent even opened up the Sons of Hodir reputation yet, which is the best shoulder enchant. You need to be working toward the quest to make them neutral.... and then working to get exalted so you can have the best gear. People who work on their toons have this as high as possible.

    5) Youre exalted with Knights of the Ebon Blade and the Horde Expedition, but nothing else. That tells me you either havent been using your tabards for grinding 5 mans, or you havent been doing 5 mans at all.

    6) Looks like you raided a little bit in Naxx 10, but very little Naxx 25, very little 10 Ulduar and zero in 25. I gotta tell you...., it is really easy to pug 10 Ulduar on my server. You should be doing this and getting Ulduar 10/25 gear before trying to go to TOC 10 imo.

    7) Your mining profession is not a good one for a melee dps character. It gives you extra stamina. Why not change it to something that helps you like JC, leatherworking or even skinning gives a + to crit. Your engineering isnt high enough to be able to benefit you appropriately at the TOC level. Its a good profession.... but it needs to be maxxed.

    8) Your hit is 236, which wouldnt hit cap you if you were a tank with a one hander, little less a dual wielding titans grasping dps warrior.

    If I was looking at your character, I would say that you really arent investing a lot in your toon. A little bit, yes.... but not enough to warrent a spot in a raid where people are working hard to get into them. Based on that, I would say that it is not likely I would take you to a TOC with me.... or even an Ulduar 25. I would suggest that you use the Tankspot resources available to you to become more familiar with your class, know your hit cap.... read about fury warriors, change your spec to be more raid utility, fix the little things about your character and most importantly, dont try enrolling in college when you arent done with high school. You arent ready for TOC. Spend some time in Ulduar. I know the loot isnt as good.... but the reality is that Ulduar is a GREAT raiding instance.... you'll gain some raiding experience, get better gear and hopefully earn your place in the TOC runs.

    I hope you dont take this feedback the wrong way. I know its hard trying to get into runs. But I guarantee you if you get all of this in order, you will be WAY more likely to get an invite.

    btw: This is exactly how we review applicants for our guild. Its always good to know how a guild that is working on end game content is going to evaluate you. This will prepare you for that review in the event you ever complete an application for a guild like ours.
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    I agree with everything Unger said, except point 8 - the hit cap for fury warriors with 3/3 precision is 164, so he's well over cap.

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    Agreed Bulk... if you are referring to yellow attacks only. White attacks will still miss.
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    Yeah, what Unger said about enchants and gems is really important.

    I run a lot of pugs for a lot of things on my server, and we've pugged everything up to ToGC 10 Anub. When I'm recruiting for a group on any given night, I might peek at someone's gear score just as a quick reference - to see if they're rocking like greens or something - but when I'm making a final decision what I'm really looking at isn't what epics fell into their lap but how they used them.

    It's not so much that you NEED the +stats to your chest or else you can't DPS...it's not that crucial...but not having ANY enchant at all tells me that you're not really trying. That you're probably going to be one of those DPSers that - regardless of awesome their gear is - will barely squeak by on Beasts but will be doing something like 3.8k DPS on Anub when it really matters because the effort just isn't there.

    So I WILL take a lesser geared - but well gemmed and enchanted - player over someone that is more geared but neglected to at least put some effort into maximizing their potential. I can at least expect the previous player to put their absolute best into the fights.

    Make a showing of putting the effort in at least, and people will be more receptive to put some effort back into helping you.

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    I notice groups tend to like range these days. I PuG a lot on Wharfrat, my hunter, especially for 25 man content (I do 10 man ToC and Uld with my primary guild), and if you do it enough you'll run across the same people (a fair amount invitea are to fill out guild 25 man spots) and find invites come easier - that said, in the PuG world everything is a gear check these days and you need to invest in your toon. It's not fair, but it's the way it is. You need top shelf (unless you're a mage or lock; little dps monsters with their aoe....don't get me started on gaming the dps meter with aoe) so when they gear check they know you can buff your toon properly.

    The World of Warcraft Armory This is my hunter, it tends to have no issue getting invites. In fairness my main is lvl'd in JC and Enchanting so gemming and enchanting my alts is easy and inexpensive.

    In sum keep at it, gear you toon to the hilt and build a rep, invites will come.

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    Everything that's been said is spot on & priority.

    One other thing i note about fury warriors is that most dont know how to manage their rage. We had this warrior who was doing 3.5K in gear significantly better than mine while i was doing 4.5K-5K. Learn to manage your rage, using your cooldowns for rage etc. That's let you pull out more dps from your grear

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    I also noticed that the expertise he listed is very low for a fury warrior. I would recommend looking into re-gemming and 'chanting for some expertise.
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