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Thread: Am I gemmed/enchanted/geared correctly?

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    Am I gemmed/enchanted/geared correctly?

    Here is my armory:


    Just wanted to check to make sure that I'm doing it right, and wanted to know why my dodge is still so low. Do I need to regem for more agi?

    Also, am I ready to MT/OT ony 25 toc10/25?



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    Your dodge is so low...in caster form? Is that what you're complaining about?

    Bear avoidance isn't particularly high. Yours is probably fine. You don't need to gem for agility. I would gear for more armor, but that's just me; you're not using a cloak or neck with extra armor, for instance.

    Your professions are horrible, but you probably know that.

    Your spec is fine, though I'd recommend picking up feral aggression if you don't have someone doing the improved demo shout debuff - if you're going to do any heroic content. For ToC 10 and Ony you're probably fine. For 25-man you're a bit undergeared.

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