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Thread: Prot Pally PvP?

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    Prot Pally PvP?

    So, I wanted to see how overpowered Prot heals really was (and it is, almost retardedly so....at least in what I was doing) when I came across this Prot Paladin in 2v2 skirmishes. He was in full relentless gear (or at the very least, furious) and had a 2 piece T9.5, a shield, and Darkmoon trinkets (greatness and death, if I recall correctly) going on for him PvE wise. Every other piece was a PvP piece.

    We started and next thing I know, he's out and about, winging, and then proceeded to literally roflstomp the opponent 20 seconds into the match.

    Now, I'm completely baffled by this. From what I recall, Prot PvP was all about stacking SBV and seeing big pretty numbers fly up every time we hit our respective shield slam. Is it completely different to what paladins do? Do the rules change between Warrior Prot PvP and Paladin Prot PvP? Is this actually a viable thing to do for a Paladin trying to Prot PvP? Or could it just be that the opponents we faced were laughably easy and I just got carried through the matches?

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    I must say i'm at all sure about what im saying here but i don't think prot pal and prot warr pvp are around the same concept. Prot warr pvp consists of boosting your block value and along with other warrior specific buffs, see the big numbers fly up (i.e recklessness/shield block shield slam) If i recall correctly the paladin doesn't have any 100% crit chance ability and neither has the huge SBV buff (he has the wings however). Now i talked with another guy about prot pvp and the goal there is to do lots of holy damage along with touched by the light talent buff. Hammer of righteous, imp HoJ, ardent defender, much survivability and damage blocking and the pure holy damage which us buffed to the max make up PPP (prot pala pvp). If im wrong correct me please

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    After reading this thread i got curious about it myself and decided to step into the arena myself with another pally. The gear i was using was a mix of ret / prot pve gear and with the limited number of games we have done pritty well.

    As holy / prot we have gone 21-3, prot / prot, and ret / prot didn't go so well. It seems that the only real counter to us is a very CC heavy team that can keep me locked down for long periods and kill of my holy partner. Going to continue to play with it for a while as we haven't gotten very high in rating yet due to not playing many games (sitting at 1k now) overall it has been a fun change of pace, any other protadins tried this?

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    I am approaching 80 on my pally. My wife and I are doing great in PVE but know NOTHING about PVP. When we reach 80 we are gonna start into Areans and I am very interested to see how things were going for you Dtain with your dual pally arena team. What specs work? What spells do you use? Who heals and who DPSs? How do you overcome different sets of opponents? We are hoping to be a force to be reckoned with in PVP. Even if we aren't top of the rankings or anything.


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    Well after about 70ish 2v2 games as holy pally / prot pally, we got to around 1850ish mmr average for the most part. We generally have my partner (the holy) just keep us up till we run the other team out of mana or untill we can get a focus burst on the healer. Double DPS teams are a joke considering nither of us can easliy be bursted down and we have defensive cooldowns / dispells for each other to break CC. However healer + dps teams can be increadably long fights with us generally running them out of mana, and we have had a stale mate with a 2200 rated druid rogue with the arena match closing on us after 45mins.

    Most fights are either over within a few seconds or incredibly long.

    However last week i tried 3v3, and man is it a different story. We joined my freinds team which was at around 1550ish rating when we started and in 2 nights we were able to play ~80 games and get the team to 2k i think our MMR is around 2200ish so when we can find time to play a few more this week we will see how it goes.

    We are running holy pally / prot pally / rogue, which is rather unique but has given us some good synergy surprisingly. Our rogue is able to stay hidden untill the other team opens up on ither the holy pally or myself at which point we are able to time our burst / stun / sheild throw silence / arcane torrent and kill just about any healer that can't get us peeled off of them.

    Prots burst is utterly amazing combined with the silence that sheild toss brings. The downside is once your inital burst is up your not doing nearly as much damage for another 30 seconds for stun / sheild toss to come off of cooldown, however in 3v3 if you have a partner with an MS effect and can lay on a bit more dps you can take down just about anything.

    I'm logged out in my pve gear / spec, but for the most part im in t9.25 ret chest/gloves, t9.25 prot helm / legs, relentless belt, boots, bracers, darkmoon card greatness, the AP wintergrasp trinket.

    If you have any other questions let me know i'll try to answer them the best I can, I am by no means an expert at this spec or arena but i'm giving it my best for the moment
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