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Thread: LF Tips - Razorscale / AoE Tanking

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    LF Tips - Razorscale / AoE Tanking

    I'm not sure that this is the correct area to post to so i apologise in advance if it is not.

    I am looking for advice/tips anything at all for tanking the Razorscale encounter. This all stems from me being booted out of an Ulduar25 after 2 unsuccesful attempts. I was given the task of picking up the adds on the right hand side of the platform and bring them back in to the centre to be AOE'd down. Seems simply enough (this is the first time i had tanked this encounter) and i could not get a hold of all of the adds so much so that DPS were dying all over the place.

    Basically i was TC over there mole machine when they spawned, demo shouting to make sure i got all of them and tab + dev or SS as i pulled them back to the middle. It seemed that they ones at the back were just dropping off and going for the healers and or dps.

    What tips can you give me for fulfilling this role in the raid?

    Up until then, i thought i was a half decent tank but it seems to have shot my confidence so much that later that night i couldnt seem to hold aoe threat in H HoL off lower geared dps. AoE tanking i pretty much follow what i have read which is to charge in, TC, SS main target, Devestate x2, back up SW, tab target applying Dev/SS/CB in that priority. When doing this, do i tab to a new target and apply one in that priority or do i try to hit it with one of everything before tabbing? I have been just applying one of those things in that priority.

    Here is my armory and again, apologies if this is in the wrong area

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    Sorry, but you didn't say anything at all about Thunderclap and Shockwave, so I have to assume that you aren't using them, USE THEM, they generate much more threat than Demo shout, Demo shout works for the pickup if you hit it as soon as the mobs spawn, otherwise healer aggro will probably own you.. but pretty much instantly you need to hit TClap, Shockwave should be used as well when Tclap is on cooldown, other than that, shield slam and revenge should be good, devastating if all other abilities are on cooldown

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