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Thread: new warrior and addons

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    new warrior and addons

    Im a new warrior and was wondering what im doing wrong. I use all the rotations i see on other sites and try my hardest but when mages start aoeing it just doesnt happen anymore. Im not sure how to hold them more but could use some help. Also was wondering if there are any addons that are great for warriors. Was looking for one that showed pictures and %of health of all mobs that were in combat with but couldn't seem to find anything like that.Thanks

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    A serious AoE'er who wants your aggro is going to get it. If you know who it is ahead of time, the easiest thing to do is slap vigilance on them, and when they start getting hit, you'll get free taunts to get your mobs back. If they die, well, maybe they'll learn from the experience? (Probably not, I know a lot who haven't. heh I don't have much pity for folks who treat warriors like paladins in AE situations and expect to never pull.) Otherwise, you're pretty much stuck with TClap, Shockwave, and tabbing through with devastate and HS or Cleave.

    Your best bet for getting mob health where you can keep an eye on it is going to be turning on nameplates. If the default ones don't suit your fancy, there's an addon called Aloft that you can use to customize them quite a bit. Other than that, my best advice for what to do for good warrior addons would be to go look at the list of them that folks like Lore and Cider are using in the UI/Interface forum.

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    Not sure about the addon you are referring to but Aloft has a lot of customizable options for mob nameplates and can be pretty useful.

    Another addon I like to run with is an aggro alert - when I have aggro, it puts a big red 'aggro' on my screen that goes away if I lose it.

    Satrina's buff frames is a nice way to have some control over the way your buff/debuff information gets to you and I like Pitbull/Dominos for my UI and Grid for my raid frames.

    It looks like you've still got some leveling to do but I'd make some changes to my current spec if I were you.

    Get rid of 3/3 puncture, its essentially obsolete. Instead, get 3/3 Armored to the Teeth under your fury tree. We're tanks, we wear a ton of armor so why not get as much benefit from it as we can.

    Improved Disciplines are a toss up imho for leveling. I didn't run into too many situations where I needed my shield wall to be up that quickly while grinding levels but each to their own.

    As for gear..its tough to really advise you to spend a lot of effort on your gear as you're leveling and you'll out grow stuff quickly but you should definitely look into some rare quality crafted items like tempered saronite gear in a few levels.

    Statwise, you've got pretty a pretty low health pool, even for level 72 and you're not protected against being hit with a crit. Against a level 72 mob, you need to have a defense of 500 and then another 5 defense for every level after that until you're at 535 against heroic bosses at level 80.

    Its not vital to have your defense up while you are leveling but its something to keep in mind.

    Finally, instance runs are fun, but dilligent questing is the fastest way to level - check the tourguide addon for easy-mode questing help.

    Good luck.

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    Get Omen. Tab target and look at how much threat you have on each target. If you see that a mage is close (or surpassed) your threat, then use taunt/shield slam/heroic strike to quickly recover agro.

    Warriors are just not the greatest at AoE threat, so a good mage will always pull aggro from you when AoEing hard.

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    I would say a good mage wouldn't pull aggro from you... lol

    Anyone dropping massive AoE will pull aggro from any tank, doesn't matter who it is. If you really have to get the aggro on the group back, drop your challenging shout, make sure you have a shield spike on, use thunderclap/shockwave/demoshout, tab target and stack sunders with devastate. That's all you can do unfortunately, and past that let the mage die to learn a lesson.
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    thanks that was alot of help, my main is actually a mage so i know what you mean about tanks letting them die haha. i actually feel dumb but i didnt know about the nameplates thing i will have to look into that, thanks a bunch guys this site is alot of help... didnt think i would even get responds

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