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Thread: Pre- Haroic/raid Prot. Tanking Warrior Help

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    Pre- Haroic/raid Prot. Tanking Warrior Help

    what do i need to get to be able to tank nax? i've been ran threw it as going dps on my prot warrior. So i got the 10man nax shoulders and chest. Im replacing my boots and belt with tempeard saronite, Or It all depends but i might get tempard titansteel boots and a helm. Just help me tell me what i need to do to get to nax. Because i want to run it with my guild.


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    You've got a lot of work to do.

    You are crittable and will die like a dog to raid bosses. You need to get your defense up to 535 so you can tank heroics and 540 to tank a raid like Naxx.

    You need to replace all of the dps pieces you've got on in exchange for stuff itemized for tanking.

    You need to make sure that all of your gear is enchanted and gemmed for tanking - stop using green quality gems and use blue quality - they will give you more kick for not much more money.

    There are plenty of gear lists for new tanks on this site and the armory has a 'suggest an upgrade' feature. A lot of good gear can be had with badges so start saving them up. Do the daily heroic, even if you have to go as a dps, for the triumph badges.

    Change your spec to a 15/3/53 build which you can find on this site.

    Once all of this is done, run a bunch of instances (tank some regular runs first and then heroics) to get some practice under your belt and a few upgrades.

    Study up on the encounters in Naxx so that you are prepared for them. You should also do a few Naxx runs as an offtank with an experienced tank and watch what she does.

    Good luck.

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