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Thread: [Coliseum 25 HC] Faction champs Lineup Question

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    [Coliseum 25 HC] Faction champs Lineup Question


    Actually we are Stuck at Faction Champs 25 Heroic
    there Lienup is:

    Reto Schman
    Holy Priest

    even with slow/Kiting/Controling
    there fucking us up.. we get the Shaman down sometimes even the Secound Target but in this Time whole Clothies and some Plates r allrdy 1-2 Shotet

    We go like this Tree->Warlock,Priest Holy -> Rogue,retri->Def Tank,Ms->Def Tank, Rest RN CCs while is always sit on the all if the Start any CDs

    Kill Order Schaman than Retri/Shadow Priest -> Hunter cauz there most anoying we tried allrdy Schaman Retri MS etc.. but got fucked up always

    i would love to get some "helpfull" tipps do get this done

    thx 4 help/reading my sucki english skills

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    That by far is the hardest comp to deal with. We use two prot warriors, one on priest, one on pally for disarm, ect, 2 DK chains of ice on the warrior and DK. We burn the rogue and keep the druid cc'd. Getting the rogue down first for us made things simple once everyone was alive when he died. we then took out the druid, priest, shaman. We also had the 2 dks at the start chain death grip the rogue away from them all. Having Army on the pull really helps out allot.

    Aslong as people don't stand in the warrior spin and someone is taking out the shamans totems as he drops them, no one should die aslong as they move away from them. We told everyone to run away when sertain marks where around you, even though it sacraficed dps, staying alive is key

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    thx 4 info dream we will try it out

    but if someone has more idea dont stop

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    We did this for the first time last night, similar opposition comp. After looking at the damage done to us, we settled on a kill order of: Shadow Priest-> Resto Shaman-> Hunter-> Warlock. Heroism saved until after the shadow priest has used dispersion (which he does almost instantly). Various people assigned to slow/root/cyclone their melee train, interupts on the healers (other than druid who is banished and feared by locks) and with warnings given to targets that the train seems to be heading towards.

    On that note, very few of our guys have mics. Would be quite useful to have a macro that whispered the target of your target to say "run away! nastyrouge is coming for you". Anyone know if that's possible?

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    ok so far nice

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    My guild always kills the holy priest first, then the rogue, then hunter, and after that we just something (usually the DK or warrior, some times the ret) The Druid is always killed last.

    one thing that we found helps a lot is to give some of the direct healers (pallys and priests) a specific target of high risk (generally there will be around two healers per target because we have a few DPS spec healing), meaning the DK Rogue, Warrior, etc. and then have them assist off said target and bomb heals on who ever is being targeted. we also have shammys and druids following up on who ever was targeted. the whole time healers are talking on vent and calling out who is being targeted.

    so for example this is generally what happens:

    Our priest is assigned the warrior, so he sets the warrior to his focus and bombs heals on the person getting targeted. every time the warrior changes targets he will call out on vent who is getting targeted and start bombing heals on that person, and when this happens the druids/shammy's will throw hots on the person that was previously targeted to get him topped off. direct healers are responsible for keeping people above ~75% HP and then hots are resposible for topping people off.

    We start the pull by having a warlock shaowfury the group causing them to blow their trinkets, then we immediately death grip the priest as far away as possible and start nuking it. Heroism is blown about 20 seconds in to the fight.

    we have our DK death grip the burn target away from the enemy melee DPS to increase the time it takes them to get to our melee if they target one. melee will simply run away from the burn target if we find that there is a large clump of enemies next to the burn target and wait for a death grip to pull the burn target away.

    when ever an NPC blows a cooldown (bladestorm, bladeflurry, etc.) it is immediately called out on vent so people know to stay away from that target.

    hunters are responsible for keeping frost traps down at all times, making sure that one of them is always in the center circle of the room and the rest are spread out around the central trap.

    we have our enhancement shaman and our shadow priests constantly dispelling the burn target to keep hot's off.

    other tricks you can do:

    have one warlock go affliction and keep UA on a few targets because the NPC's appear to stop dispelling if UA is present.

    have all of the warlocks roll a few DoT's on all enemy pets (fel hunter and the cat), because the healing NPC's will some times sink heals in to those targets which is pretty much a waste of their heal because neither of the pets are a serious threat.

    Have who ever is interupting the resto shaman also totem stomp because it will cause the shaman to spend more time dropping new totems than casting heals.

    other than that it's pretty much your standard CC chaining and making sure people are covering interupts.
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    First of all, set a totem stomper person. Their main job is killing tremor totems first, then the rest, and helping with the rest of the encounter once totems are down. You want fears to stick.

    Here is our normal kill order with control assignments if we get this setup:

    Resto Shaman - Kill first
    Hunter - Kill 2nd, use some CC on him that has long cooldowns (repentance, hex) until the shaman is dead
    Rogue - Put a DK on him, Deathgrip after he shadowsteps
    MS - Put a DK on him, Deathgrip after he intercepts
    Retri - Either a mage, prot warrior, or DK work. Mages need to spellsteal his freedom and keep him snared/sheeped/nova'd. The others should save their disarm/deathgrip for when he stuns his targets.
    DK - Put a DK or Prot Warrior on him. Disarm/Deathgrip when he Deathgrips his target.
    Holy Priest - Stick a rogue on him to block all casted heals.
    Mage - Tell your shamans to throw hexes on the mage (curse control on decursers, magic control on dispellers)
    Shadow - Pick a caster (moonkin/lock/mage) to throw some CC on the priest while nuking the kill target. 50% CC time is fine.
    Tree - Warlock controls him the whole fight

    DPS shamans and shadowpriests can easily dispel any hots/shields that get through the healer lockdown. Kill the resto shaman and hunter first, then kill all 4 melee afterwards. Keep frost traps down, encourage your dk's to spec pvp unholy for more aoe snaring and stuns, tell your mages to be liberal with the frost novas, and be ready to BOP your clothies. Druids should also be throwing roots on the melee to assist with kiting.

    We 1shot this every week using this strat pretty much. With more casters in the lineup we do more of the 50% CC thing, telling a warlock to fear the moonkin 3x whenever he's not on DR.

    One last tip, only mark your kill target and the melee. This way it's extremely clear for people to know when they need to gtfo of the way. If there's a mark within 10 yards of you and it's not a skull, RUN AWAY. If your strat guarantees snares on the melee and you are matching their closing abilities with abilities of your own (dg the intercepts+shadowsteps), then there is no reason for anyone to ever die from the melee train. EVER.


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