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Thread: Figuring it out!

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    Figuring it out!

    The guild I am currently a part of is a casual raid guild that raids 3 nights a week about 3 hours a night depending on how well or poorly we are performing that night. Usually we have a dps problem where it's normally too low, but recently it's been our healers. During our 10 man runs into Ony, and ToC it's becoming very clear that we have one healer holding up the rest of the healers. Well I say holding them up because now we have started some harder content and our one healer can no longer sustain the raid like he/she has done in previous content.

    So I am asking for some management advice or even how or which healers to bring in to make/create more synergy with our healers to help us move forward with our content. Just to clarify our dps avg out last night at 3.5k not great but good enough for ToC on norm we use me a warrior tank and pally tank which we both have done the work and also have the gear to be in ToC 10.

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    Ask yourself or your healers this;
    * Are they capable of doing more?
    * Is it just healing done or is it general playstyle?
    * Do they like healing? Would they prefer rolling DPS/tank instead?
    * Do they raid for epeen and pepixx or just to play with friends?

    Most of the above answer lead to the same conclusion; recruit more healers.
    If your healers are just plain suck (sorry for them), they need to be replaced, thus recruit.
    If your healers are ok, but slack because they will always get into raids anyway, recruit to start competition.
    If they're just there to play with friends, they don't mind sitting out once in a while, so get some recruits for the harder fights.

    Pretty much any way I look at your problem, I just think that either recruit or simply tell your healers THEY SUCK and they need to shape up (tell em WarTotem said that and I'll come spank 'em if they don't
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    3.5k dps in hard mode 10 man is fairly low. Really...you're not going to be able to get the content done with that kind of dps, regardless of the skill of you healers.

    Of course, you didn't actually state that you're doing togc10, but I can't really think of any harder that's 10-man-wise.

    EDIT: Oh...I misread that...you're DOING toc10 and ony10...got it. I guess depending on what your gear level is, 3.5k is adequate...it's certainly more than enough to do normal mode/ony. Assuming you and the pally are up to the task (which isn't hard at all, gear-wise), then yeah...I can see healing being the roadblock.

    It's not easy to motivate healers...if they genuinely enjoy the job, then just telling them they need to step it up and offering a few resources for them to check (EJ, here, etc) is probably sufficient. But if they don't...well, you can always recruit.
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