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Thread: 10 man OS + 3 Drakes.

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    10 man OS + 3 Drakes.

    Hi everyone,

    Kind of need some help here. Recently, i've been trying to put together a group to do 10 man OS + 3 Drakes. Each and everytime i've attempted this, it has failed miserably. If anyone could give me some advice as far as how my group composition should be made up of (as far as a normal run/zerg run), what kind of dps i should be looking for from people, what kind of healers i should use, etc, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    The easiest way to do it is to have either an entire melee group or an entire ranged group. You need to make sure you start at the corner between the 1rst and 2nd drake so that melee can sit on the edge where you will tank her to escape firewalls. If using ranged they just sit in the middle area while you tank her in the corner.

    Every dps should be doing 4500+ and you tank should be pretty geared as she will begin to hit pretty hard. If you wish you can use a hunter to pull the first drake away from the group towards the entrance to the instance but this is not completely necessary.

    I use 2 healers and I choose them depending on my construction. If it is all melee I use a resto shaman and some sort of tank healer (paladin usually). This way you have a shaman for bloodlust and he can easily heal all of your melee since they will all be right next to each other.

    Experiment with it, look up some videos, it is not such a hard task anymore just make sure people use their cooldowns and watch what they are doing, you cannot afford to have any mistakes.

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    You want to go with:
    1 Tank
    8 DPS
    1 Healer

    The preferred healer is a paladin as they will only be keeping you up. The raid should not be taking damage that much. However, any healing class will do if they are geared (you don't need to be ToC10/25 geared for this, but it will make it easier).

    For DPS, you want to aim for melee dps as a majority of your raid as it is easiest with melee. Ranged are great too but most are casters and it sucks if an elemental add gets loose, or they're casting and unable to avoid a flame wall. A shaman is pretty much necessary for the Heroism, DK's will help with Army at the beginning, and a feral druid (or any druid really) would be helpful. When Sarth hits 20%, they can go bear form, growl at the drake, switch to cat form and sprint towards the entrance portal. Just pray that someone's AoE doesn't hit the drake and the druid loses aggro. A DK can also do this by switching to Unholy presence, getting to max range for taunt (30 yards), and then using Dark Command (saving Death Grip for emergency aggro loss), and running towards the portal. The kiter does not need healing. Ask for 5k DPS and you'll make it a safe run (the technical number I heard last time was 4.6k, but some will be lower and some higher than that so).

    Any tank class will do fine especially since we are now at the ToC10/25 stage. Back in the day, DK tanks were great for this fight as they could hold Sarth + Drake + Elemental adds with all their AoE capabilities. They also have AMS for Flame Breath. Of course, I'm a DK so this is from my perspective. Paladins of course are great for this too as they're also adept at AoE tanking, and druids can hold aggro and get a lot of dodges in as well. Warriors should have no problem either, except maybe holding the elementals but I doubt that'll be a problem as they have the tools just like any other class to get AoE aggro (it also helps that all the adds will be in front of you, not behind so they can use all their "frontal cone" abilities, cleaves, etc.).
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    Zerg. A couple of clarifications.
    1) You don't need crazy gear for this. It is completely doable in T7 content gear(naxx/os/eoe), provided you have good players. Obviously better gear will make it easier, and given you can get way better gear than that by grinding badges, you shouldn't have much trouble.

    2)You have 85(or possibly 90) seconds to do the zerg, after that sarth goes immune and you die.

    3)At 20%ish(thats Sarth's health, ot the drakes health) the DRAKE will enrage and need to be pulled off the tank so that he/she can continue to tank Sarth and not die. Most people use a feral druid however a hunter will also work.

    4)As mentioned come in from the southwest corner. Tank her on the very west edge of the island facing north. By tanking her here the walls are very easy to dodge, a step back for south, a step forward for north.

    5)If you're concerned about the level of your dps, take them all to a training dummy. Have them nuke the dummy for 85 secs and check total damage done on recount. I don't remember Sarth's health off the top of my head, but you can lok it up. Just remember she gets a health bonus from drake being up, so calculate that in. The good thing about the dummy, is if you don't have enough dps, you don't get a repair bill.


    As far as the normal method, there is a good video available here on the site, so i won't bother going into the details, unless you have specific questions.

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    Are you pugging this?

    If its a guild thing, I am assuming you have already done OS+2?

    Progression really shouldnt be ignored, I would suggest you get it down the normal way before you attempt zerg. It's more rewarding for your group and in in some cases can be easier to pull off if you continuously have difficulty with the zerg strat, as you have more control over the encounter.

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    I do this every week as a zerg. I usually tank him on the west side of the platform, where his tail is. Reason for this is just to let the DPS go all out as soon as I engage, instead of waiting for sarth to get in place. Can be done with any healer, have personally done it with a druid, shaman, priest (disc and holy), and a paladin. Aside from dodging flame walls and voids, it's relatively easy as long as: 1) Your tank (assuming it's you) can hold aggro), 2) the healer can spam heals, and is a competent enough player to use their CDs on you when the first drake enrages, canceling out the need for a kiter, 3) lastly, good dps. The difference between 43000 total DPS, and 44000 are quite large, in that at 43000, you might be wiping all night relying on RNG. @44000+ you should get it in one shot.

    edit: also, heroism.

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    I have done this a couple of times people usally consider doing all melee with a fury warrior feral druid and a shaman, this is suppost to be the easyist way. But with the gear people have now i have done it with a mix of ranged and healers but u do need 1healer 1tank and 8dps.

    Hope this helps! and GL

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    a couple of numbers:

    Sartharion health: 2.9 million
    "Enrage" timer: 87 seconds
    Your maximum health: anything between 25 and 40k depending on gear level. you have 25% less than normal due to the debuff.
    The enraged Add(s) are capable of one-hitting you THROUGH a shield wall. After 20% if you do not have the add taunted away you are living on borrowed time, as the next melee hit from the add WILL kill you. Something in the realm of 60-80k after shieldwall reduction was the best number I got.

    As for setup, I have done it with a full caster, full melee and a mixed setup aswell. Even had an alt in for one kill. Just make sure you hit 45k raid dps (you have bloodlust for 70% of the fight), your DPS know exactly where the fire walls spawn, and that they know what a void zone looks like. Pull Sartharion mounted, run at his head from the rear corner between tenebron and vesperon, and then turn him around so he is standing turned 180, exactly where he was before the pull. if you run at him unmounted Sartharion will end up 5 meters from the edge of the area, making it next to impossible for ranged dps to go full out, and hunters will not be able to do damage at all. I would say that 40% of our wipes are due to messy pulls, 50% due to instant gibs during the final 20% of the fight and 10% other mistakes/500hp wipes.
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    I've accomplished this with a pure melee group. Setup as follows:

    1 Prot Warrior
    1 Resto Shammy (me)
    1 Fury Warrior
    3 Rogues
    1 feral druid (dpsing and then would taunt the drake when sarth was at 30% +- and would start kiting)
    1 enhancement shammy
    1 retri paladin
    1 DK

    On our first tries, we used Haste Pots on the dps... Haste pot on engage. BL activated at 20 secs. I would advice to have the shammy who was popping BL to have a stopwatch open so he could keep track of the time.

    Hope this helps

    As mentioned before, Sarth's base HP is 2,510,100 * 1.25 (25% bonus for leaving drakes alive). Which means he'll have 3,137,625 HP.
    Noteworthy information:
    1st drake lands @ 30 secs after engaging sarth.
    2nd drake lands @ 75 secs after engaging sarth. The portal that has the guy who makes sarth immune will appear after 15-20 secs. So you're gonna have 90-95 (maximum and ONLY if you're really lucky) secs to kill it.

    With that HP pool, you're gonna have to average 34862.5 have (to nuke him in 90 secs). So if you don't count the tank dps, you'll need 4357.8125 dps from every dpser. Could be closer to 4k tho...
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    Most of the important bits have been covered. The key to this is solo healing and solo tanking it, meaning that as important as your DPS is, it's actually most taxing on your tank and your healer gearwise. Druid healers probably have the hardest time with this since they have the weakest direct heals, but I've seen it done with a druid. Shaman or Paladin is preferable.

    I -think- the drake enrages at 25%. Haven't zerged this for a couple of weeks so I don't honestly remember. Any class that can taunt (Warrior, Druid, DK, Paladin, Hunter) works fine for the kiting, just have them leave before 30%. Our arms warrior does it because he's the most reliable - giving up a few seconds of DPS is fine if he'll get it right.

    As for composition, just stack buffs. If you're bringing a melee heavy group, make sure you have: sunders (warrior/rogue), crit debuff (paladin/rogue/elemental), bleed buff (Feral./arms), damage buff (arms/rogue), crit BUFF (fury/feral), 10% ap (marks, blood, enhancement), windfury.

    for casters: CoE (warlock, boomkin, unholy DK), crit debuff (paladin/rogue/elemental), crit BUFF, (boomkin/elemental), spelltotem (preferably elemental, possibly resto), spellhaste (shaman in general), spellhit ideally (boomkin, shadow priest).

    a shaman for bloodlust/heroism is almost always required for your first few kills, especially since both stacking sets want totems.

    and finally, until your guild regularly has this on farm, demand consumables. People are going to get a Black Drake mount out of this eventually. Require that they flask, food, and use haste/spellpower-crit potions. Don't carry slackers.

    enjoy your zerg, it's pretty easy in TOC gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zothor View Post
    I -think- the drake enrages at 25%.
    Correct, the drake enrages when sarth reaches 25%, that's why I mentioned the feral druid kite at 30%. It's usually: move to middle of platform, bear form, taunt, cat form, dash, keep distance...

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