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Thread: PvP and PvP boomkin spec

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    PvP and PvP boomkin spec

    Hey i need help with my boomkin spec. My second tree is resto PvE. but i wanted to be able to PvP and PvE in my boomkin spec. does anyone have a good spec to follow? this is what im using currently

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    the only change i can think of making is changing subtlety to imp MotW, but this is assuming i'm raiding w/ another druid

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    As far as I know with Boomkins: You have to spec differently PvP to PvE on account of talents that are more useful in one over the other. (ie. Typhoon: Useless and frustrating (for the tank) in a PvE raid... pushback+ tank = dead you; PvP: pushback + you = happy and alive!)

    There are some really good boomkin dedicated sites that you should go have a look at as well, they go into great detail about dps and specs and such. Can't remember the name of it off hand, but google should yield the answer.
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    Not many boomkins around but they run something like 58/0/13.

    Here's a list of high rated boomkins to use a reference:

    World of Warcraft Arena Ranking | SK Gaming

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