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Thread: DK Tank Getting Rolled in Heroic 25m ToC, HALP!

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    Yes someone mentioned the stat differences due to frost presence changing the armor/stam/etc. Thx for clarifying it a bit though.

    So really he would be around 27,256 armor, 38717 health and 8% reduced damage. I updated our guild post to include mention that he should add that type of macro for all main abilities so that RS is constantly used when available.

    EDIT: I didn't see anyone mention anything about expertise, 19 is low for a prot warrior, is there anything that adjusts that for a DK or should he try to reach the prot warrior soft cap of 26+ as well?

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    He should try to reach the soft cap at 26 just like Warriors. Expertise skills gained through talents are added in to the Character Window/Armory, so those numbers are accurate.

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