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Thread: should i gem for crit for gearing up fury?

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    should i gem for crit for gearing up fury?

    hi guys,

    AS per my prev post im new to wow 5months and have newly rolled 80 on my fury warrior and am still gearing up, i have been told my crit is way to low at 26% and my exp also too low, is there anyway i can claw back 10% with gems or enchants, or is it a matter of farming for gear with crit?

    i recently removed all my str gems and replaced them to try and get me more crit but this hasnt worked succesfully, im sure i am missing something but im not sure what? what is the best state to achieve crit.

    check out my armoury and the gems i have replaced the stregth gems for.
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    Your hit rating is way over. You want to hit 5% hit from gear and then consider hit a secondary stat. After 5% + 3% from talents, hit only increases your chance to white hit and while it will still increase your DPS, strength, crit, haste, ArP, etc will work better.

    You want to get your expertise to 26 to fully remove dodges from the table. At the beginning this is usually done via gems. A couple of readily available sources of expertise are the T9 legs and the crafted runed orb pattern Belt of the Titans. The legs would be a good start for you because your legs are blue atm. You also want to be working heroic ToC 5man for Edge of Ruins. Get two of them.

    What you wanna do is get your hit/expertise caps and then work on strength. Strength is a better overall stat for fury warriors. As your gear improves the crit will come with it. You won't see any really good fury warriors gemming for crit.

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    As fury gem for hit/expertise unless you are above minimum requirement (26 expertise, >164 hit) after that gem for str purely. Crit will come from gear (specially that agility jewelery)

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