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Thread: taunt, hit rating and gormok?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liar View Post
    I am probably gonna jinx it now, but I haven't had a single taunt rest in over 30 heroic beasts attempts. The Druid tank I tank this with didn't have either and neither of us have the glyph or even high hit rating (I have like 100). I did however get resists on Worms so I just figured Gormok cannot resist taunt (like Brutallus back in the day, though he had an extremely tiny chance to resist it).

    Am I just being lucky or what?
    had taunt resisted twice yesterday as off and main had one resisted...i would chalk that expierence up to luck :P

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    The problem with Vene's blog is that he is simply wrong, for death knights and paladins especially.
    Hit is a much better threat stat after soft cap, and competitive (even more so for paladins) before.
    It also has the advantage of working on a wider scale and when the boss is facing away from you, and working on taunts.

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