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Thread: Low DPS - Arms Warrior

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    Low DPS - Arms Warrior

    For some reasen I do lower DPS then I have the feeling I should do in my current gear, and I need help to see if I gemmed or enchanted anything wrong or should replace pieces in general.

    Currently in 10 mans I'm sitting at 3.9 / 4.0 K Dps, and in 25 mans 5K.

    Don't ask my why theres such a huge difference between them, because I wouldn't have an answer.

    Armory Link: The World of Warcraft Armory

    Thanks for any bit of help in advance,


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    you have 3% hit right now, you need to be at 8%

    dont gem for crit, ever (unless the socket bonus is 6 or more strength, then use a +10 str +10 crit)

    here are some items judging by your current gear, that you have the ability to get that would help.

    Hellscreams Gauntlets of Conquest +52 hit
    Bloodshed Band +44 hit
    Greaves of Iron Intensity +56 - You havent done Iron Council 10 man yet, thats where these drop
    Getting these items would put you at 244 hit, so your still a bit off, but it would be better.

    other then that just follow your dps priority

    expertise is the next thing to look at.. this is where it gets tricky.
    Hellscream's Legplates of Conquest will help out a ton, they have 72 expertise on them, but cost 50 badges.

    other then that most expertise gear comes from 25 mans.
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    Thanks alot, I will force my guild to finally do Ulduar 10 just to get those boots. And those badges will come after the reset so I can get that T9 piece.

    Though, I wonder would it help my dps by that much reaching the hit cap?

    And what exacly is the hit cap, ~270? And isn't the expertise cap 24 or something?

    I haven't really done my homework, or maybe I tried but just forgot it :P.

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    264 hit ratin will put you at 8%, and 26 expertise will put you up at 6.5%, the cap for that is 6.4%. If ya don't hit, you do zero dps. since Arms is a GCD locked spec, you gotta make sure to maintain those two caps.

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    you can go down to 18 expertise if you need with 2/2 weapon mastery and still be expertise capped.

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