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Thread: PVP Warrior lost: fury or arms, battle or beserker?

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    PVP Warrior lost: fury or arms, battle or beserker?

    Hi guys. I love this website! However I'm extremely stumped on how to progress my character in PVP. I've been playing about a year and have had an 80 warrior for four months now. I would like to do the highest DPS as possible and keep going back and forth between Arms or Fury and even Battlestance or Berserker. I currently have no add ons as I'm concerned about how it would react to WOW but up for any suggestings from you more experienced warriors.

    From what I understand Arms is better for PVP but there is less healing it seems and you can have only one two-handed weapon. Please help! The link to my character is below. Thanks!

    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    Arms+Battle stance is the way to go for arena right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by linkfeld View Post
    From what I understand Arms is better for PVP but there is less healing it seems and you can have only one two-handed weapon.
    arms in my opinion is the only real arena option for warriors. people will say "but prot is viable blah blah....". arms gives you a 100% mortal strike debuff (fury talent only gives you a "chance", prot gives none), warriors dont have mana bars so no need to worry about healing (second wind in arms tree and blood craze in fury tree helps enough in 2s/3s), and one 2hander is enough to dish out major dmg (hello blenderstorm!).

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    I agree, what arms brings to the table is so valuable. I have a friend very high geared in Fury. Deals out lots more damage, but when theres a healer in a team. It just gets outhealed. MS + OP, stopping healers in their tracks
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    I have Pvped as both recently and both with decent gear. As Kaumu said theres TONS of more burst damage as Fury. There was nothing more fun than popping Sudden Death and Recklessness and 2 or 3 shotting locks. On the other hand getting nailed by a 7-8k crit from another warrior, pally or DK was never fun either, that 5% damage taken doesn't seem like a lot, but it is. But what I have found with Arms is a much more viable spec to beat ANY class out there. Survivability is heads and tales better in Arms, and while it takes more skill to play as Arms, you will find that once you have everything in it's proper place and learn to stance dance switching back and forth from your 2-hander to your 1-hander and shield, you will not have to feel as though you are rushing into a certain death when up against other classes that seem so OP as Fury. What I have found personally is that Melee classes are much easier to take down, but the casters are a little tougher. As I said before, warlocks were guaranteed kills as fury, now a lock that knows what he's doing can give me a good run. On the other hand as Fury I found that I was getting my butt handed to me by any DK or pally that had a clue. Now I can go into those battles with the confidence that I can hang with these classes. And while when playing in a PVE experience, IMO fury is still the way to top the DPS charts, that truly means nothing in PVP. Out-think, outsurvive and outplay your opponent and you will see that while it may take longer to get them, you will get more HK's and KB's playing as Arms. But all of that being said, success for warriors in PvP comes with the ability to stance dance, I cannot stress enough how much hinges on that skill.

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