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Thread: Hmm... viable build for Arena?

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    Hmm... viable build for Arena?

    I've been experimenting with the talent calculator, largely because I recently got a one-handed weapon that's almost as powerful (well, not quite, but ridiculously close) as my Claymore of the Prophet I have so far been unable to get rid of... that made me curious if a build like this:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Would be viable at all for Arena... the idea is to balance the Arms tree with protection, and fight in Battle Stance with a slow one-hander and a shield. This gives you more survivability, but gives you access to Mortal Strike, etc.

    Not sure whether it would be better to just go Prot all the way and just fight in Defensive stance, though... any opinions?

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    Not that I've done extensive research or anything, but I've played around with specs enough to guess what that would be like.
    • Rage starved without -cost or +rage talents
    • Less damage than a full Arms build or a full Prot build
    • Much less burst than a full Arms build or a full Prot build
    • Less utility than a full Prot build
    • More utility than a full Arms build but less mobility

    All-in-all, I think if you want to use a use a shield most of time in PvP, go with least 51-point prot. You may lose MS, but Devastate, Juggernaut, Safeguard, and the extra crit and lower rage costs more than make up for it. Being in Defensive stance only helps if you're getting attacked, though....otherwise it's Battle Stance all the way for Hamstring and Armor Penentration while still keeping Spell Reflect and Shield Bash.

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