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Thread: Shield Block/Shield Slam macro!

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    Shield Block/Shield Slam macro!

    Hi, first of all i just want to say that im a total naabcake at macros. So thats why im here ^^

    My friend made me a macro that did this

    Showed tooltip for shield slam
    Casted bloodrage when i was in or out of combat
    casted shieldblock (only when i was in combat so i didnt waste it by accident)
    casted shield slam

    (there were no castsequense or anything)

    Now i have no idea how he made it work, and hes out of town so he cant tell me :P
    Would be nice if someone have this macro or can make mine here work ^^

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    #showtooltip Shield Slam
    /cast Bloodrage
    /cast [combat] Shield Block
    /cast [harm] Shield Slam
    This is assuming Bloodrage and Shield Block do not trigger a global cooldown, which off the top of my head I don't think they do--but I can't remember.

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    #showtooltip Shield Slam
    /cast Shield Block
    /cast Shield Slam
    Carefish - Fury Warrior - Chromaggus EU

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